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Update Notes


Elite Dangerous - 18.07 Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

Update 18.07 is now available for Elite Dangerous. This update focuses on improvements to the Thargoid War experience following your continued success against the Titans.

Features of Note:

  • Ram Tah has been hard at work continuing his investigations of the Anti-Guardian Zone deployed by Thargoids. His most recent breakthrough now allows all  Guardian Modules to have the Anti-Guardian Zone Resistance modification applied to them, without penalty.
    • The reduction to Guardian weapon damage has been removed.
      • All weapons previously modified with the damage reducing modification have automatically received the improved modification.
      • The AX Chieftain prebuilt ship is now delivered with the improved modification.

Titan Multiplayer Improvements

  • A number of improvements to Titan instance stability & improvements to the Titan venting cycle.
  • Reduced maximum number of Thargoid ships within Titan instances.

Thargoid War Strategy

  • Alert/Invasion
    • Titans will now directly invade populated systems, skipping the traditional probing state
    • Unpopulated systems will no longer enter an alert state when invaded
    • Several populated systems will still enter an alert state when invaded
  • Counterstrike Port AXCZs
    • Following your feedback, we are enabling an option for port Anti-Xeno Combat Zones to play an offensive role against the Thargoids:
      • In previously populated counterstrike systems, one port will reactivate and will have an AXCZ available
      • This port will have repair/rearm available, but will not offer missions
      • Planetary ports will be favored. If no suitable planetary ports are available, a space based port will reactivate instead
    • These systems can be identified on the Galaxy Map as stacked counterstrike and port under attack icons.

As the war continues to escalate make sure you are ready to join the fray with the Python MKII Stellar and the Alliance Chieftain AX Combat Jumpstart

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