Update 15, the Upcoming Feature Rework and More

Update 15, the Upcoming Feature Rework and More

​Greetings Commanders,

We trust that you have been enjoying Update 14 and all the action the Thargoid War is bringing to the bubble. Amidst everything going on, we are taking a moment to update you on our upcoming plans.

Update 15

Update 15 is set to build upon the narrative and unlock the next major stage of the Thargoid War. This will be among the biggest moments in the game to date and we’re excited to see how you react. To allow the necessary time for development and ensure the update meets expectations, Update 15 will release in May. An exact date will be confirmed closer to the time.

Major Feature Rework

Last year we announced a major update that would rework a long standing feature. This is still being investigated, however a number of changes (not least the Thargoid War itself) have required our attention as a priority. We will share details of this investigation and our plans towards the end of this year.

Player Made Factions: Applications Closing

Player Made Factions have played a key role in expressing your will over the shape of the bubble. This goal is at the heart of our plans for Elite and reflected in the Thargoid War. Our focus is now turning to investigate how upcoming systems will allow every player and player group to have a meaningful impact on the galaxy’s landscape. This means we will be closing applications for PMFs, however we will process any remaining applications.

Console Profile Transfer Portal: Returning Next Month

The introduction of Live and Legacy modes required us to pause the Console Profile Transfer Portal in November last year. However, we’re now ready to begin processing further requests and will re-open the portal in April. We are pleased to announce that this is a far more complete process than we anticipated. We look forward to more console Commanders joining us on PC, especially to enjoy the features offered by Odyssey. To see which elements of your console profile will be transferred, see our forum post.

Live Mode as the Default Download

In addition to the above, we will be making the Live version of Elite the default download. This will encourage new players to try the main version of Elite with access to future updates while keeping Legacy as an optional alternative. Implementing this change will cause an update to appear for all Steam users, and Legacy players will need to re-download that version to continue playing, existing Live players will not require an update. This will have no effect on your save files, so if Legacy is your preferred mode, you can continue playing normally once it is re-downloaded.

While the above announcements outline several major plans for the upcoming year, further announcements will be made in the upcoming weeks and months. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!


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