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Update Notes

  • 4.0.12

Update 17 Release Notes

Greetings Commanders.

Today sees the release of Update 17 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0.

The Elite Dangerous '4.0/Live' servers will be offline for a period of time whilst the deployment process takes place, when they shall return with the update available to you.

We'll keep you updated on progress across our social media channels and the Elite Dangerous Official Forum.

Features of Note

  • The rumbling got quieter, and then much, much louder...

Community Issues of Note Addressed

  • Added toggle for Aim Assist - Issue ID 49831
    • Located in Options → Controls → On Foot Controls → On Foot Miscellaneous → Enable Aim Assist (Toggle)
  • Corrected a missing console in one of the smaller military settlements - Issue ID 60853
  • Fixed small gaps in Krait MkII Hazard ship kit Bumper piece - Issue ID 60954
  • Fix implemented for AX Settlement Restore missions not completing - Issue ID 59529
  • Fix implemented for Journal not correctly logging Ship Repair costs in some instances - Issue ID 46794
  • Missions to restore power to settlements in Thargoid-controlled systems now properly fail if you lose the item due to getting killed whilst on-foot - Issue ID 59600
  • Bookmark Icons now correctly reflect if it is a system bookmark or sub-location bookmark (e.g. planet within the system - Issue ID 60926
    • Note: Existing system bookmarks will not be updated, you will need to re-bookmark these for the fix to be reflected.
  • Items at surface POIs no longer get erroneously duplicated when a Transport mission item has been retrieved - Issue ID 59282
  • Owned E-breaches are no longer automatically added to player backpacks when disembarking ship at locations that consider them illegal - Issue ID 53400
  • Fixed a crash caused by incorrectly handled Thargoid war server data - Issue ID 61246
  • Ship pips revert back to original player values if they have been altered when ship AI temporarily takes control - Issue ID 60812
  • Adjusted and improved the wear and tear materials seen on the Diamondback Explorer Survey shipkit - Issue ID 61038
  • Fix for Planets not being visible while traveling with FSD engaged - Issue ID 48765

Additional Issues of Note Addressed

Locations and Environments:

  • The damage of the Revenant's main weapon has been reduced.
    • Additional information of interest: Aside from a minor reduction in damage, weapon damage now begins to reduce at 50m rather than 100m.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby the sounds of the Titan Membrane spawning ship sounds would not match the visuals 
  • Memory usage of Titan Scenario Audio has been optimised. 
  • Fixed an issue where Planetary Delay was not being calculated when a Commander is not in a ship.
  • Fixed an issue where some consoles in Settlements would not switch off their emissive materials when the Settlement was in an Offline state.
  • A defense turret seen at some Horizons settlements now has a working explosion particle effect.
  • A minor adjustment has been made to the small landing pad surround, moving the crane arm so that it doesn't intersect with certain ship kits.
  • A spelling mistake has been fixed to one of the Lakon adverts seen in social spaces.
  • At The Beach, the ground no longer protrudes through one of the SRV garages.
  • One of the structures seen at Guardian sites now has the correct collision boundary, representative of the structure.
  • Asteroids around Titans are now sufficiently far apart and no longer intersect one another.


  • Evacuation missions for VIPs no longer ask to be placed in an invalid cabin type.
  • Infiltration missions are no longer able to appear in both the Operations and Support categories.
  • Missions to restore power to settlements in Thargoid-controlled systems now have more varied text to help better distinguish the different variants.
  • Commanders on distinct settlement reboot missions can no longer share the same settlement instance.

AI and Enemies:

  • Optimised Memory usage of Thargoid Glaive Audio.
  • Optimised Memory Usage of Thargoid Titan Audio.
  • Fixed an issue where Thargoid Revenant Weapon Fire audio was not always audible due to soundbanks not being loaded as intended.
  • Thargoid Revenant Beam Weapon audio has been re-Balanced.
  • Fixed an Issue where Revenants would only vocalise once coming into audible range.
  • Fixed an issue where Revenant Grenade Explosions could be in-audible due to soundbank not being loaded as intended.
  • Dropping into the Maelstrom cloud from supercruise no longer carries the risk of a Thargoid Scout appearing just in front of your ship.
  • Bounties acquired by previously clean players at settlements can now be detected via scans by local NPCs.
  • Auto landing ships visiting Farseer Inc can now reliably avoid the large tower.
  • Skimmer movement is now better synchronised across multiplayer games.
  • Hostile ships must now attack the player's ship to cause auto landing to be disabled, rather than just be in the vicinity.
  • Breach weapon damage will no longer be partially applied to unexposed (invulnerable) Thargoid hearts.  All such damage will now be directed to the hull.

Ships, Suits, and Modules

  • Fixed the rear right hardpoint on the Federation Corvette from clipping through the model as it animated open.
  • Adjustments to the Anaconda have been made, including fixing stretched texture on the back of the ship, a backwards decal and adding in a correctly mirrored hardpoint door for the underside.
  • Fixed an issue with the Slipstream paintjob on the Viper.
  • Improved gradient smoothness for a number of ship paintjobs.
  • Fixed a decal on the underside of the Fer De Lance.
  • Corrected some issues with some material artefacts seen on the Anaconda.
  • Improved the paintjob UV mapping for part of the Eagle.
  • Improved the paintjob UV mapping for part of the Orca.
  • The hardpoints of a landed ship no longer appear to toggle on/off when a second player observers the first player disembarking onto a planet surface.
  • Players are now able to pick up previously dropped e-breaches.
  • Owned e-breaches are no longer automatically added to player backpacks when disembarking ship at locations that consider them illegal.

Fleet Carriers

  • Changing fleet carrier layouts no longer takes effect after the carrier hyperspace jumps. 
    • Note: It is necessary to relog or jump away and back in another ship before the layout changes.


  • Changed audio soundscape of Main Menu.
  • AX Remote Flak Munitions text shown when synthesising ammo is now correctly localised.
  • Engineers no longer display unresolvable log entries.
  • Players now receive an appropriate message when invites go out to join an already full multicrew.
  • Fixed instances where station news text could display the word colon instead of the news.
  • Correct location text now appears in ship UI when approaching a planetary port in an AX warzone.
  • Camera Suite and the Holo-Me screen will be unable to be active at the same time.
  • When hacking settlement terminals, the progress bar now disappears once the hack is complete.
  • The count of available mission on the mission board now decrements as you accept missions.
  • POI list in system map is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Alignment of capture point markers with capture points has been improved.
  • Fixed occasions where completed mission details shown via the transactions panel would use un-localised text.
  • Fixed mission summaries mistakenly reporting "scan required" after scanning has been completed.
  • Improvements have been made to the grouping of listening post codex entries.


  • Mission related journal entries now all have consistent text formatting of the mission name.
  • Added PilotName field to the Bounty journal event.
  • Added market info to ApproachSettlement journal event.
  • Added signal type to FSSSignalDiscovered journal event.


  • Fixed dark artefacts appearing on planets during DSS scans.
  • Fixed visible seam on asteroid bases.
  • Titan turret trails now appear on Low Graphics settings.
  • Fixed instances where Commander/NPC eyes were not lit correctly at low graphics quality settings.

Known Issues

  • When viewing the mission board on foot, a number of missions are displaying their location information incorrectly.
    • This issue appears to be primarily related to Odyssey settlements as the target for missions. If the mission directs you to a POI location, the planetary information is displayed correctly.
    • In some instances distances to missions may be flagged as 0.00Ly rather than Ls and planetary bodies may appear as a long string of numbers.
  • Head tracking for TrackIR and FreeTrack is currently disabled. The team are investigating.
    • In reference to on foot gameplay only. TrackIR and FreeTrack still work as intended whilst in ship.

And with that, Commanders, here's to the safe deployment of Update 17 for you today!

Thank you so much for your forever valuable thoughts and feedback which help contribute to the unique experiences had in our Galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

See you in the black o7

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