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Take control of your own starship in a cut-throat galaxy.

Our galaxy

400Bn Star Systems. Unprecedented Detail.

Each star, planet, moon, asteroid field and black hole of the 400 Bn star systems of our Milky Way is simulated with incredible scientific accuracy.

The epic scale combined with the finest details make this the largest designed playspace in video game history.

Elite Dangerous is all based on 'hard science', so the composition of the galaxy itself, the way ships fly, SRVs drive, their look, their technology, the different societies, is all plausible; its what we believe it will be in the 34th century.

It's a cut-throat galaxy, home to warring superpowers.

It provides a truly stunning stage upon which to blaze your own trail, as you do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite.

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Build a fleet of ships and upgrade them all.

Customize every component as you hunt, explore, fight, mine, smuggle and trade. Your ship and your skills are all that stand between you and the cut-throat galaxy.

Elite Dangerous ships are intuitive & responsive, and each one offers a different experience.

Controls designed to be intuitive and quick to grasp, but really reward the increased skill that comes with piloting experience by offering large number of options that you can select to best suit your current situation or objective.

You can use either keyboard & mouse, games controller, HOTAS flight stick, VR / TrackIR, or Voice Attack voice commands.

The 'Flight Assist' module synthesizes thruster firing patterns to mimic atmospheric flight model, but can be turned off for the ultimate challenge that is rewarded by unparalleled control and agility.

Explore the shipyard

CQC Close Quarter Championship

Compete in Team Deathmatch or CTF in the Close Quarter Championship (CQC).

The Elite Dangerous Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Championship thrust players into intense PVP action as part of the ongoing militarization and 'soft conscription drive set up by the Federal President Hudson in response to the Empire's perceived threat.

Arenas around the galaxy run by the shadowy 'CQC Holdings' host the ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest between pilots in Team death match and Capture The Flag games.

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Ever-Evolving Story

In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, every player's story influences the game.

Starting with only a small starship and a few credits, you'll do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite.

In a unique connected gaming experience and evolving narrative, governments fall, battles are lost and won, and humanity's frontier is reshaped, all by players' actions in Powerplay.

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Planetary Landings

Join massive-scale shared objectives and game-changing cooperative play.

Planetary Landings is the first expansion in Elite Dangerous: Horizons and introduces players to planet surfaces and the first all-new Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV) the ‘Scarab’. Scanning airless planets and moons brings new gameplay as players detect signals, crashed ships, mineral deposits, outposts and fortresses. Alone or with friends players will explore, mine and engage hostile forces as they attempt to infiltrate strongholds guarding valuable rewards. Players will explore new worlds, coasting over mountaintops, diving into canyons, landing on the surface and rolling out onto the surface in your SRV, all without loading times or breaks in gameplay.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a new season of major gameplay expansions for Elite Dangerous, beginning with Planetary Landings across the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

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Edge Magazine

"Satisfying handling that sets a new standard for any cockpit-based genre."


The Guardian

"Vast, Beautiful and Intimidating."


PC Gamer

"Capable of delivering some of the best stories about spaceships you've ever taken part in."



"I fell in love with Elite all over again."