Close Quarter Combat Championship

Instant action in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

Love CQC - it's the best space combat ever made - great job!


CQC is so incredible, it could easily be standalone game.

CMDR Zukas3

Playing cat and mouse around the architecture is great!


Instant PVP action

The ultimate contest

The Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Championships are the ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest between Elite Dangerous pilots. CQC thrusts players into intense PVP action within the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

A Unique loadout

Equip your spacecraft with a unique loadout and compete in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag gametypes in custom-built arenas, supporting up to eight players at launch.

Intense PVP action

Intense PVP action has come to Elite Dangerous galaxy on all platforms in the CQC Championships, available now on PC, Mac and Xbox One.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons