Made for VR

Designed from the ground up to support Virtual Reality and 4K Ultra HD display technology.

Cutting-edge visual quality and performance enabled by Frontier's COBRA game engine.

  • Powered by Cobra
  • NVidia GeForce GTX

The world's leading triple-A VR game

Elite Dangerous is richly detailed and epic in scope. VR adds incredible immersion and further depth to combat and exploration as you take the controls of your own spaceship and blaze your own trail through the cutthroat galaxy, whichever side of the law you're operating on.

The Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions pushes the experience even further, with incredibly detailed simulated planet surfaces, settlements, space ports and wrecks to explore, both from your ship and from the expansive bubble canopy of the 'Scarab' Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV).

4K Ultra HD

Ultra HD displays offer a crisp, vivid window onto the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Elite Dangerous supports the latest displays at 4K resolution, and is built for the future with full 8K and 16K support.