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Season 1

Elite Dangerous

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Season 2

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

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Season 3

Elite Dangerous: Beyond

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Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One is the first update of Elite Dangerous’ third season, following the Thargoids devastating assault on humanity’s starports.

Beyond advances the ongoing player-driven narrative and introduces a variety of gameplay enhancements, upgrading the gameplay experience whether players prefer to trade, fight or explore in Elite Dangerous’ massively multiplayer galaxy. Chapter One features a range of game-improving updates, including changes to the engineering mechanics, the introduction of GalNet Audio, an overhaul of mission rewards, and an altered crime and punishment system. The update will also allow Elite Dangerous: Horizons commanders to fly a new Alliance warship: the Chieftain.

Elite Dangerous
Season Two

  • 2.4 Thargoids have returned.

    Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.4 – The Return introduces new technology and tactical options to combat the rising alien threat. Support the Aegis organization in massive-scale community goals to unlock powerful anti-Thargoid weapons and equipment, and take the fight back to the Thargoids.

  • 2.3 Holo-Me.

    Holo-Me is Elite Dangerous: Horizons' Commander creator and editor, giving players the power to create a unique face and physical appearance for their in-game avatar. The highly customizable Holo-Me system offers thousands of options, making every Commander recognizable with just a glance.

  • 2.3 Multicrew.

    Multicrew co-op gives groups of players the opportunity to fly aboard the same ship, assuming one of three specialized roles. Multicrewed ships gain precision firepower and additional control, giving Commanders a vital edge in combat as they share in the galaxy’s rewards... and its punishments.

  • 2.2 Ship-launched Fighters.

    Take what comes and strike back with double. Choose from three unique ship-launched fighters to deploy from your larger ships’ docking bay. Fly into battle with twice the firepower and your own NPC crew, and bring a second gun to every fight. Combat will never be the same again.

  • 2.2 Passenger transport.

    A whole new career path emerges as the Pilot’s Federation allows a new era of passenger transport.  Take on missions transporting politicians, VIPs and prisoners across the galaxy, and smuggle covert operatives to their destinations in the new Beluga passenger vessel.

  • 2.2 An evolving galaxy.

    Discover a galaxy of new challenges and new wonders, featuring neutron stars, capital ship dockyards, civilian installations and upgraded starport interiors. Explore planet surfaces and uncover new geology, ancient mysteries and unknown threats.

  • 2.1 Ship customization.

    Unlock a new level of customization for your ship and modules. Hidden on planet surfaces across the populated galaxy, each Engineer has a unique personality and history – and they just might choose to help you... for the right price.

  • 2.1 Looting and Crafting.

    Discover game-changing loot and craft a ship unlike any other. Smuggle materials to the outposts of the elusive Engineers and earn their respect to unlock powerful module upgrades.

  • 2.0 Planetary landings.

    Travel seamlessly from space to any point on the surface of accurately simulated planets and moons throughout Elite Dangerous' full-scale Milky Way galaxy, and drive new SRV ground vehicles. Each 1:1 scale world offers incredible vistas and countless gameplay opportunities.

Elite Dangerous
Season One

  • 1.7

    Improving every aspect of the Elite Dangerous experience, 1.7 adds new mission types, a brand new ship, module storage, beautiful starport interiors, new navigation filters, ship transfer and much more.

  • 1.6 Mission system.

    The biggest Elite Dangerous update yet. With a new mission board layout and a revolutionized mission system, Elite Dangerous is more personal than ever.

  • 1.5 Ships expansion.

    Increases the number of playable ships in the game to a total of 30 (31 if you get Horizons) and has a 600-item change log of other additions and upgrades.

  • 1.4 CQC.

    The ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest between Elite Dangerous pilots, with intense PVP action in custom-built arenas set within the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

  • 1.3 Powerplay.

    Pledge allegiance to one of a number of galactic Power characters, gain rewards and influence that character's battle for interstellar conquest, power and control.

  • 1.2 Wings.

    Allows groups of up to four pilots to fly together and share the rewards of their joint efforts.

  • 1.1 Community Goals.

    Allowing the whole Elite Dangerous community to work together, towards goals which affect the galaxy.