Discovery Scanner - 27/03/2023

Discovery Scanner - 27/03/2023

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to another week in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

As always, we hope you had a wonderful weekend just passed and wish you all the best in your onward adventures! 


[Screenshot: CMDR Mardante Soliest | Forum]



Last Thursday we released some very important information regarding the upcoming release of Update 15 and some insight into near future happenings in Elite Dangerous.

To read the announcement in full, head to the following article HERE.

Notable talking points include a revised release date of Update 15, moving it into the month of May, an update on feature rework plans, player made faction application news and more.


We are pleased to announce that reopening of the console profile transfer portal is scheduled for this coming April, ahead of Update 15 in May, with the precise date pending. As soon as we have it, we'll update you promptly!

To help console Commanders join the Galaxy across on PC, we've readied a latest, informative post in the official Elite Dangerous forum ahead of time. You can find it HERE.


Galnet News Roundup - 24 March 3309

Our weekly GalNet News Roundup released last Friday, over on the official Elite Dangerous forums where you can candidly catch up on unravelling story arcs and plots.

Elite Dangerous Premium Giveaway!

In closing off last week's Frameshift Live show, we announced our first, premium giveaway of the year!

To be in with a chance to win this impressive, one of a kind Elite Dangerous custom PC, head on over to the above link to make some entries!

Giveaway ends April 20, 2023 at 11:59PM GMT. Good luck!



Once again we'd like to celebrate last week's Stellar Screenshot winners with you all, if you missed the chance to find out via last week's social share and Frameshift Live showcase.

Head on over to the following video to view, but let's take the opportunity to call out the full list of winners here and now:

Arlo MacDonald
Axen Idanu
Marcus Sirrah
Matt G
Omen Tano

Submit your in game captures using #StellarScreenshots over on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread.

All winners picked will receive a special prize paintjob for their efforts and will have their winning captures shared on our Frameshift Live livestream if chosen within the same week.

Discovery Event Trailer | The Stellarium

The Stellarium community have released a brand new trailer to introduce their exciting, upcoming exploration study program - 'Discovery'.

"Our new research program, DISCOVERY!
It consists in the role play of exploration to study rare celestial bodies. The program will start at the beginning of May.
For any information, you can inquire in our discord server and that of Azura Initiative!"

To entice explorers along for this epic expedition, The Stellarium community also posted out a list of chosen systems to explore as follows, HERE.

 We remain, as ever, excited for this adventure to begin!


Endurance Exploration

Exploration, trade, mining and combat organisation in the Elite Dangerous galaxy, created by four commanders - 
CMDR Campbell, CMDR Hatch, CMDR Dim3bar and CMDR FiL, the 'Endurance Exploration' Squadron posted an awesome new poster along with an invitation to join in exciting activities with the ambitious group!

"The Endurance Exploration Squadron is growing! Trading, exploration, AX combat, bounty hunting and more. If you are looking for an active and friendly squadron then ENEX could be for you. Type ENEX in the Squadron search to find us."

You can also view their mission logs over at their official website.

With another week beginning, that just about wraps things up for Discovery Scanner, Commanders!

Wishing you and all a great week ahead.

We'll be in touch with any news and updates in the days ahead, should any arise for you.



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