The Assault on Leigong

The Assault on Leigong

*Pilots’ Federation Alert*

Titan Leigong is under siege. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of a second Titan.

The key modules for the assault continue to be readily available at all Rescue Megaships:

• Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser – To break through the maelstrom defence wave.

• Caustic Sink Launchers – To protect your ship from caustic effects of the maelstrom.

• Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylon – To hamper the Titan’s vents and make it vulnerable to damage.

Rewards have been requisitioned for all Commanders able to participate in ending the Titan threat.

Good luck, Commanders.


週刊ニュヌスレタヌにサむンアップしお、Elite Dangerous の䞖界に関する独占情報やむンサむトを受け取りたしょう