Frameshift Live #30!

Frameshift Live #30!

Greetings Commanders!

This week welcomes our next instalment of Frameshift Live, over on the official Elite Dangerous Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as the Frontier Twitch channel too, at 16:00 BST on Thursday May 18.

We can't wait to see you for this one!



It's an extra special edition this week you can expect to find all your regular in Galaxy news updates, Stellar Screenshot highlights and Community content celebrations along with...

TWO special developer guests joining Arthur and Sally, to chat through some extra insight into Update 15 content so far. 

  • Welcoming back to the livestream, Designer Curtis and Senior Audio Designer Robin!
  • Curtis and Robin will be diving into more on how their different disciplines worked together to craft the newest content dropping for Elite Dangerous in Update 15.


All new Seasonal Paint Job Drops!

  • You'll be pleased to hear that Seasonal Paint Job offerings are BACK!
    • We're kicking off their return with the spring-like 'Meadow Prairie' paint for the Krait MkII and Python.
  • To earn these, join us on Frameshift Live #30 this week over on our official Elite Dangerous Twitch Channel (16:00 BST, May 18).
    • For 15 minutes of viewing time you will acquire one of these drops (combined 30 minutes viewing for both drops to be awarded).

All new Elite Dangerous 'Community Drops' going live after the show...

After Frameshift Live #30 goes off air, you're invited to pass on some paint as a special campaign following the release of Update 15!

FOR ANYONE who streams Elite Dangerous over on Twitch (not limited to our Elite Dangerous Partner Program Creators):

  • Enable your viewers to earn themselves the 'Snake Wrap Desert' paint job bundle for the Anaconda, Mamba and Asp Explorer.
  • These paint jobs are extra special, as they include a "low light effect" when out in the deeper black!
  • Above is just an example of the Anaconda but join us for Frameshift Live to see examples of the remaining ships in the bundle!

Here's all you need to know to inform your viewers:

  • Mamba Snake Wrap Desert – Your audience will need to view for 30 minutes.
  • Anaconda Snake Wrap Desert – Your audience will need to view for a further 30 minutes (an hour in total).
  • Asp Explorer Snake Wrap Desert – Your audience will need to view for a further hour (2 hours in total).


As thanks for hanging out with our Elite Dangerous Partner Program creators, you can earn yourself an additional Twitch Drop available - the Cobra Mk III Snake Wrap Desert.

  • Viewers will need to watch 30 minutes of any Elite Partner Program streamer to earn the Cobra MkIII Snake Wrap Desert paint job. 
  • For our YouTube creators, you'll be able to find this paintjob as part of prize bundles!

As a reminder of who our awesome Elite Dangerous Partner Program Creators are:

BossLadyB // Brother Sabathius // Captain Flint // CMDRAscorbius // CMDROrangePheonix // Crispy Taytortot // Father_Bill // Hutton Orbital // Malic_VR // ninjaspaceunicorn // Psyche // Psykit // roots_rat // Super_Chicken // Unusual Cupcake // Buur Pit // Down to Earth Astronomy // Galnet News Digest // Lave Radio // ObsidianAnt // Eralm_237 // SeleneStardragon // cmdrhatch // grinning_crow // FireyToad // Barnardo7_ // Runwyld // Nikki_Dangerous // Hawkes Gaming // Azghaaar // OrbitalJeffo // LexLagger // LtPsych



As well as our general format of the show in terms of in game news updates, Stellar Screenshots winners and so on, we'll be taking the opportunity to this month give away a special prize for one lucky viewer of the stream!

Tune in LIVE on Thursday May 18 at 16:00 BST, to find out what's up for grabs! Giveaway open to viewers across the Elite Dangerous Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as the Frontier Twitch channel too!

And with that, Commanders, it's going to be a really fun show!

We hope you all enjoy it!

See you Thursday at 16:00 BST!


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