Discovery Scanner - 20/03/2023

Discovery Scanner - 20/03/2023

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to another week in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

As always, we hope you had a wonderful weekend just passed and wish you all the best in your onward adventures! 


[Screenshot: CMDR Marina Oatmeal  | Twitter]



Along with the routine, maintenance 'tick' last Thursday, came some balancing adjustments in relation to Thargoid War activity, to better reflect recent player actions and feedback.

These were as follows:

  • Previously unpopulated systems that are now under Thargoid Control or Alert states will be easier to push back.
  • Thargoids will deprioritize expanding into unpopulated systems.

These details were posted on the official Elite Dangerous Forums, so do head over to the post itself if you wish to join in on discussion topics.


To repeat statements of reassurance from last week:


There's nothing further to add today, following recent insight into the target window for release being the end of April. This still remains as the primary objective o7


The reopening of the 'Console Copy Portal', for those wishing to bring their console Commanders across to PC, remains an open goal. There is no news as yet on an expected date for reopening, but we will be in touch as soon as we know more.

Keep an eye on the official Elite Dangerous Forums and our social channels for any ad hoc game news updates that may arise, throughout the course of the forthcoming week ahead.



Back once again with another instalment of Frameshift Live this week, airing Thursday 23, 2023 at 16:00 UTC, over on the official Elite Dangerous Twitch or YouTube channels.

In this week's show, developer guests from the much adored Elite Dangerous audio team will be landing on the studio sofas, to take you on another immersive trip into the sounds of Elite Dangerous - specifically the mystery of music.



Once again we'd like to celebrate last week's Stellar Screenshot winners with you all, if you missed the chance to find out via last week's social share.

Head on over to the following video to view, but let's take the opportunity to call out the full list of winners here and now:

Super Chicken
Topo Estepario

Submit your in game captures using #StellarScreenshots over on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread.

All winners picked will receive a special prize paintjob for their efforts and will have their winning captures shared on our Frameshift Live livestream if chosen within the same week.


Elite Dangerous Spring Livery Sale!

Last week saw the launch of the Elite Dangerous Spring Livery sale, with savings across the board over on the Elite Dangerous Gamestore.

The 'Elite Dangerous Spring Livery Sale' ends on March 24 2023, at 12:00 UTC midday.

Discounts include:

  • 30% off Ship Kits, Cockpit Customisation, COVAS, Gear Sets, Weapon Skins, Fleet Carrier Layouts & Fleet Carrier ATCs.
  • 15% off Paint Jobs, Weapon Colours, Engine Colours, Fleet Carrier Paint Jobs, Fleet Carrier Drive Colours, Fleet Carrier Holo-Markers.




In addition to the livery sale, there's a chance to get 75% off Elite Dangerous and 55% off the Odyssey expansion with the Steam Spring Sale!

If you're perhaps looking to gift or entice new co-pilots to join you on your discoveries, or if you're looking to set foot into Odyssey for a special price, we've got 55% off Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (currently reduced to ÂŁ13.49), 55% off Elite Dangerous: Commander Premium Edition (currently reduced to ÂŁ22.49) and 75% off Elite Dangerous (currently reduced to ÂŁ4.99) to offer!

Available over on Steam, until 23 March 2023!

Golden Hour

Join us in enjoying this beautiful project piece by the incredible PROtoKOPs

To quote: "This video tells about the past of my commander and continues the storyline that began three years ago. I would like to express my special thanks to Alec Turner and CMDR Snaik".

Everything from the beautiful choice of music to the perfectly curated clips, PROtoKOPs really takes us all on an emotional journey in this video. We love it.

High Grade Emissions

How can we ever bypass another upload from the awesome 'The High Wake'?

Needs hardly any introduction but if you're new to T.H.W and their absolutely astounding efforts when it comes to fun, animated, Elite Dangerous shorts then please do link across to their YouTube channel for the full suite.

For this latest beat: "Nobody likes to be distracted when flying to a high-grade emissions signal source."

Thank you, as always, to The High Wake for bring such a smile to all of us with your creations.

That just about, once again, wraps things up for this week's Discovery Scanner, Commanders!

Wishing you and all a great week ahead.

We'll be in touch with any news and updates in the days ahead as any arise for you.


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