Notas da atualização

Notas da atualização

  • (16 de maio de 2024)
  • (7 de maio de 2024)
  • (9 de abril de 2024)
  • (6 de mar√ßo de 2024)
  • (26 de fevereiro de 2024)
  • (12 de dezembro de 2023)

Elite Dangerous - 18.05 Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

An update has been released for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0 players with the following fixes:

  • Fixed issues with Guardian Fighters hit check not behaving correctly.¬†
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to swap a core internal module with a stored module was being blocked for Pre-Built ships.¬†
  • Ensured new players correctly remain in Solo Play until performing an initial hyperspace jump which will then transition players into Open Play.

Should you encounter any other issues please be sure to report them on the Issue Tracker. 

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