Community Goals

Community Goals

Cooperate with Commanders en masse to reshape the galaxy

Active goals

Supply Rare Goods for Rackham Celebration

The entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has asked for deliveries of rare items to Edmondson High in the Beta Hydri system. At a press conference on the planet Homeland, Mr Rackham announced: "It's not every day that a humble businessman like me celebrates becoming a trillionaire! So I'm holding a week-long party in the upper floors of Rackham's Spire. To make sure my guests are entertained, I'll need to keep my stocks of Apa Vietti from Upaniklis, Gerasian Gueuze Beer from Geras, Pantaa Prayer Sticks from George Pantazis, Uszaian Tree Grubs from Uszaa and Anduliga Fire Works from Anduliga high throughout the entire week." "I've also arranged for pilots to receive temporary permits to the Beta Hydri system, which will last until the 2nd of June. Anything to make life easier for my trader friends!" Mr Rackham faced criticism for hosting a celebration at a time when so many have died in recent Thargoid attacks. In response, he claimed he had "a duty to boost public morale by filling the news with happier stories". Financial reporter Bryanna Blanco commented in The Federal Times: "The guest list for this party includes politicians, media magnates, publicity gurus, and many others who would prove useful if you were running a presidential campaign. Should Rackham get enough of them on his side – presumably by sparing no expense on their comfort and entertainment – I think he'll officially set his sights on the Federation's top job." The campaign will run until the 19th May 3308. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Beta Hydri
Edmondson High
Commodity List
Anduliga Fire Works, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Pantaa Prayer Sticks, Uszaian Tree Grub, Apa Vietii
Current / Target
512,909 / 3,000,000
in 1 day

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