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Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops

Earn rewards for tuning into the Elite Dangerous livestreams. Selected livestreams will offer unique cosmetics simply for watching – don’t miss out!

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Twitch Drop Rewards

  • Festive Paint job Pack 1
  • Festive Paint job Pack 3
  • Purple SRV & Fighters
  • Purple Weapon & Engine Covers
Community Goals Icon

Community Goals

Cooperate with Commanders en-masse to reshape the galaxy in Community Goals! Rally behind intergalactic causes to defend traders from ravaging pirates. Support and supply enterprising efforts to construct powerful Megaships and Starports. Earn exclusive decals, credits, and more!

Community Goals
Squadrons Intro


Squadrons allow Commanders to band together and organise themselves in-game. This might be simply to play together or focus on a shared goal such as bounty hunting, Community Goals, or furthering a chosen faction’s agenda. Don’t delay – unite your fellow pilots and compete against other Squadrons for a seat atop the seasonable leaderboard, earning you and your comrades intergalactic glory and prizes!

Player Factions

Factions across the galaxy vie for control and influence, supported by Commanders like you. Assemble a faction of your own, to expand alongside your fellow Commanders.

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