The galaxy is yours. Fly anywhere in Elite Dangerous’ full scale Milky Way, touch down on stunning planets, and step out of your Surface Recon Vehicle to traverse them on foot.

Stellar Forge

This is Elite Dangerous’ ground-breaking system used to generate roughly 400 billion star systems in a 1:1 scale Milky Way. Planetary collisions, tidal forces, gravity and more are all meticulously simulated, backed up by real-world astronomical data. From spectacular anomalies such as twinned stars, to rare Earth-like planets capable of sustaining life, it results in the most awe-inspiring and realistic recreation of our galaxy ever designed.

Stellar Forge

A Galaxy Awaits...

400 billion star systems make for the largest designed playspace in videogame history. All stars, planets, moons, and black holes of our galaxy match their epic true proportions.

In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, each player’s unique journey influences the connected gaming experience.

  • The Bubble

    The Bubble

    The bulk of human civilization occupies The Bubble, a sphere approximately 150 light-years in radius around Sol. It is here that the Alliance, Empire and Federation vie for influence, resources, territory, and control.

  • Colonia


    Located 22,000 light years outside The Bubble, Colonia is one of the most remote inhabited star systems. It currently hosts the one-of-a-kind travelling starport, Jaques Station.

  • Engineers


    Want your weapons or ship modules modified? Enlist the help of Engineers.  These secretive individuals can assist anyone from explorer to combat specialist – if you can find them.

  • Guardians


    The Guardians were a highly advanced civilization living millions of years ago, leaving behind technological infrastructure scattered across the galaxy. Be cautious: some Guardian Ruins are actively patrolled by forces of automated Guardian Sentinels.

  • Thargoids


    The Thargoids are an ancient insectoid race of uncertain origin. Study of Thargoid technology suggests that their ships are at least partly organic with larger vessels known to interdict human vessels travelling through hyperspace. Thargoids have congregated in great numbers to attack entire systems, leaving human stations and fleets in ruins.

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