Aegis Produces Sub-Surface Extraction Missiles

Aegis Produces Sub-Surface Extraction Missiles

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Rescue megaships now stock Aegis’s modified mining tool, designed to extract bio-storage capsules from Thargoid Titans.

The sub-surface extraction missiles went into rapid production following a delivery initiative in the Senlu system. Aegis has confirmed that pilots who transported CMM composites, neofabric insulation and osmium to Springer Gateway can now collect their rewards. Bounty vouchers for all wanted ships destroyed during the past week will also be redeemed at the same location.

Aden Tanner discussed tactics for using the new module:

“These specialised devices are designed to be used alongside the pulse wave xeno scanner, which can now pinpoint human life signs beneath the hull of a Titan. If accurately targeted, an extraction missile should penetrate far enough into the outer hull to jettison the pod-like structures containing captives. Assuming the extraction is successful, these capsules can then be taken onboard via cargo scoop.”

“All pilots who achieve this should deliver recovered capsules to the nearest search and rescue contact. Aegis has provided instructions to medical and military teams standing by at these locations. These personnel will place capsules into high-security quarantine before attempting to revive the occupants.”

“Once again, I remind pilots to outfit their ships to deal with the Maelstroms’ caustic effects, defensive barriers and Thargoid patrols. Deploying the extraction missiles might also trigger counterattacks from the Titans themselves. These are perhaps the most dangerous rescue missions ever attempted. But I am confident that we can bring many of our people home.”

The first wave of ships equipped with sub-surface extraction missiles are already making their initial forays into the Maelstroms.

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