Archer Launches Presidential Campaign

Archer Launches Presidential Campaign

The Republican Party has nominated Vice President Jerome Archer as its candidate in the upcoming Federal election.

Jerome Archer was formerly the secretary of security in President Zachary Hudson’s cabinet. He was promoted to vice president when his predecessor died during the Nine Martyrs attacks in 3307. He immediately proposed the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, which authorised the Proactive Detection Bureau to monitor all civilian communications in the Federation to detect future terrorist activity.

Vice President Archer began his election campaign at a political rally on Nanomam 2, where he announced:

“Throughout my career, my priority has always been the same: keeping people safe. From my days as a cop on the streets of Nueva Vista to director of the Federal Intelligence Agency, I have worked hard to increase security for all citizens. I pledge to work even harder and achieve far more as your president.”

“President Hudson’s excellent legacy regarding anti-xeno operations will continue under my leadership. We will increase our defensive capabilities to protect the Federation against any kind of external or internal threat.”

The newsfeed Sol Today was supportive of the Republican Party’s candidate, referring to Archer as “the only sensible choice in this era of war and moral corruption”. By contrast, an editorial in the Federal Free Press stated: “Privacy will become history if the eavesdropper-in-chief is handed the reins of power.”

Archer’s running mate in the election is Congressman Niko Shirakawa , who represents the Eta Cassiopeiae system. A former major in the Federal Marine Corp, he sits on several intelligence committees and is known to have military connections.

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