Archon Delaine Faces Pirate Rebellion

Archon Delaine Faces Pirate Rebellion

A power struggle is raging within the Kumo Crew following a coordinated effort to overthrow the syndicate’s leader, Archon Delaine.

The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed delivered this exclusive report:

“What at first seemed to be merely another attempt to assassinate Delaine turned out to be a far greater threat. Simultaneous attacks across the organisation revealed that this was actually the first strike in a full-blown coup.”

“The rebellion is being led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask, a senior member of the Kumo Council. He has declared that the syndicate is stagnating under Delaine’s ‘tired brand of barbarism’, and that new leadership will bring greater glories and riches.”

“Fierce combat has ignited in the Kumo Crew’s key areas as both sides battle for resources. Trask’s loyalists are being aided by a motley collection of pirate gangs as well as thousands of unidentified fighters, suggesting that he has hired mercenaries to bolster his forces.”

“Archon Delaine, whose guards barely managed to shield him from the assassins, has ordered that the insurrection must be stamped out at any cost. He also vowed an explicitly violent revenge upon Vidar Trask, who has been one of his closest aides for many years.”

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