Experimental Weapon Stabiliser Initiative Begins

Experimental Weapon Stabiliser Initiative Begins

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has requested deliveries to LHS 1163 to manufacture a module that increases AX weapons capacity.

A press release from the corporation’s PR division stated:

“Azimuth’s dedication to defeating the Thargoids, which stretches back more than a century, has reached a new milestone with the development of our experimental weapon stabiliser.”

“This proprietary invention redistributes the physical stresses that AX weapons place upon a ship’s infrastructure. The class 3 and class 5 variants allow ships to be outfitted with one or two additional AX weapons respectively.”

“Supplies of meta-alloys, insulating membranes, HN shock mounts and beryllium are required to begin mass production of our successful prototypes. All shipments should be delivered to the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 1163 system. Sufficient resources will allow the class 3 variant of the experimental weapon stabiliser to become available immediately, with the class 5 variant reaching the market a short time later.”

The opportunity to increase hardpoint capacity for anti-xeno combat ships has been broadly welcomed. But critics have noted that Azimuth Biotech stands to commercially benefit from this contribution to the conflict, which many believe was triggered by its Proteus Wave operation in the HIP 22460 system.

A spokesperson for Operation Wych Hunt, an independent community established to oppose Azimuth Biotech, offered this statement:

"The proposed modules will benefit humanity in the fight against the ongoing Thargoid threat and we support anybody who takes advantage of them. But this does not absolve Azimuth Biotech of the terrible acts that they committed under the leadership of Caleb Wycherley. The company still must be held accountable for the many atrocities it has committed, including the inhumane experiments of Project Seraph and the vile murder of thousands onboard the Alexandria."

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