‘Imperial Assassin’ Stokes Superpower Tensions

‘Imperial Assassin’ Stokes Superpower Tensions

Federal mining corporation Caine-Massey has accused Senator Zemina Torval of assassinating its CEO Johann Fleischer.

An update from the Federal Intelligence Agency prompted a remarkable declaration from Philippa Barlow-Lyons, the company’s acting CEO:

“Thanks to the FIA’s assembled security footage, we now know that the man who murdered Johann Fleischer departed from Olympus Village Spaceport using a false Federal ID. He then transferred to the Tavgi system under another alias, claiming to be a prospector for Torval Mining Ltd. And so, the trail leads directly to the culprit.”

“It is very clear that Zemina Torval ordered Johann’s death as an act of revenge, after he defeated her efforts in January 3308 to obtain one of Caine-Massey’s most lucrative mining contracts. Analysis of the hitman’s weapon and other equipment matches those typically used by Imperial Intelligence. And who is a senior officer in that ruthless spy network? Zemina’s own grandson, Titus Torval.”

Senator Torval has not acknowledged or responded to the accusation. A formal statement was delivered directly to Congress by the Imperial Senate:

“We categorically reject the suggestion that any members of this august body, or of Imperial Intelligence, are connected to these events. The Empire no longer has any political or commercial involvement with the Federation, and remains focused on its extensive anti-xeno operations.”

President Zachary Hudson publicly assured Caine-Massey, which is known to be a long-standing corporate donor to the Republican Party, that further resources will be directed to the investigation. He added:

“This is a timely reminder that all citizens should be vigilant against the enemy within. If we discover that Imperial assassins and sleeper agents are responsible for this heinous crime, the Empire will be expected to act in a manner we find satisfactory.”

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