Mysterious Phenomenon Triggers Violent Attacks

Mysterious Phenomenon Triggers Violent Attacks

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A large naval squadron has gone rogue in the Shamash system, amid claims of widespread mental instability caused by an unknown signal.

Security forces for the Shamash Future faction were practising fleet manoeuvres, shortly before they turned their weapons against passing traffic. Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Coates , one of the officers coordinating Fleet Exercise Grey Swan, told the media:

“All crews deployed for the exercise are now ignoring orders and attacking anything within range. The evidence we’ve gathered suggests they’re suffering from violent mania, caused by some kind of mass psychological disturbance. They are still capable of operating the ships, making them a danger to civilians.”

“Garrett Orbital outpost reported an anomalous multi-frequency signal during Grey Swan, which also broke through our primary comms network. We think it’s related to the violence Shamash is now facing, but with all the chaos we haven’t had a chance to investigate further. Garrett Orbital is now in lockdown, while security teams onboard try to contain outbreaks of aggression from affected personnel.”

A popular news program, 'Frameshift Live', was broadcasting from Garrett Orbital around the time of the fleet exercise. Disturbing footage indicates the presenters were similarly affected by this unexplained hysteria.

The San Tu State Network megaship Khonsu Gleam, present in Shamash on unrelated business, has been asked to host defensive efforts since the system lacks a starport. Captain Ulrich Maurer has agreed to remain and support Shamash Future, by organising countermeasures against the Grey Swan fleet.

Speculation have been raised that the ‘anomalous multi-frequency signal’ might be a new Thargoid weapon, or a test of experimental mind-affecting technology. However, no alien or unauthorised vessels have been detected in the system, and the signal’s origin remains unconfirmed.

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