Refugees Flee from Thargoid Offensive

Refugees Flee from Thargoid Offensive

Millions of people are being evacuated from systems that have suffered devastating attacks by Thargoid fleets.

An enormous humanitarian effort is underway, with rescue megaships positioned at key locations near each Thargoid-occupied system. Captain Justine Kemp of Rescue Ship Hutner, currently stationed in Enayex, described their operations to Vox Galactica:

“As per newly established procedures, all contracted transports carrying refugees from systems facing Thargoid invasion are directed to our landing bays. Emergency teams perform triage services and give direct aid where possible. But the focus is on quickly processing them for relocation to temporary housing, away from the warzones.”

“This is the most intense situation I’ve ever had to deal with. We’re taking in enormous numbers of people, not just from starports but from planetary settlements too. Virtually everything in some of these systems is ablaze, and the refugees just keep coming.”

Vox Galactica also published a selection of soundbites from various civilians escaping from Thargoid-occupied systems:

“It all happened so fast. Our family was eating together when the whole port seemed to shake. My son had befriended a trader who’d landed a few days ago, and he convinced her to take us on board her Hauler. The lurches as we weaved through Thargoid ships almost made me bring up the food we’d been enjoying minutes earlier.”

“I was at a starport observation window when their ships, those weird star-shaped things, zipped right past. Then the other side of the habitat ring just vanished. Fire and splinters of metal... All the sirens blared, and the crowds surged toward the bays. Heat filled the corridors and smoke clogged our lungs. I didn’t even see the ship I ended up on, only a sea of panicked faces smeared with grime.”

“I’m looking for my dad. He was injured when I last saw him. Burns from that green corrosive stuff that punched through our quarters. The Commander didn’t have room on his ship for everyone. I convinced him to take my dad first. But now I can’t find him. The medics don’t have time to talk to me. I hope he’s here somewhere. He’s got to be here somewhere.”

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