Discovery Scanner - 30/01/2023

Discovery Scanner - 30/01/2023

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to another week in the Galaxy.

There are quite a few recaps of in game news taking the forefront today, so without further ado, let's get into this week's article.


Update 14.02 Delayed.

On Friday last week we announced a delay to the deployment of our announced Update 14.02 for Elite Dangerous Odyssey. 

We apologise for disappointment this will cause to those patiently waiting in anticipation of it's release and endeavor to provide¬†details on the revised release date as soon as we can.‚Äč

As part of last Thursday's livestream, Senior Designer Derin shared some of the exciting elements coming along with Update 14.02 which we'd like to recap for you here:

Update 14.02 | Quality of life improvements:

  • There is a new UI element incoming for¬†the ‚ÄėThargoid War‚Äô section of the Galaxy Map.
    • This will list systems where CMDRS can be of help.
      • These are the top five systems by progress for each system state.

Salvage Activities will now contribute to the Thargoid War:

  • The following items will be able to¬†be salvaged from systems and handed into megaships in order to contribute to the efforts of the collection system:
    • Black Boxes
    • Escape Pods
    • Thargoid Tissue Samples

Recovery Systems:

  • Rebooting Odyssey settlements hasten the recovery time of a system.
  • Rebooting all settlements will decrease the automated recovery time by a week.
  • Repairing all markets in a system will still result in the system completing the recovery state and exiting entirely the next week.
  • The bar is more representative of when further action not needed and will show at 100% when automated progress will bring it to 100% at the end of the week.

Thargoid Frontline:

  • Update 14.02 will bring new content in 'Frontline TG Controlled Systems'.
    • This covers a ‚Äėshell‚Äô of systems on the frontline of Thargoid territory bordering humanity.
    • In these systems, CMDRs will find AXConflict Zones and Thargoid USS

14.02 Issues Addressed:

It's not only quality of life improvements to features pending as part of Update 14.02, but as promised we will be addressing a number of key issues for Commanders as part of the deployment.

Further specified information on these confirmed fixes will be released as part of the final Update Notes, prior to the deployment going live.


Once again, we apologise for the announced delay of 14.02 but the team are working hard to ensure you're all met with the best quality update on release.

Thank you so much for standing by o7

A New, Improved Xeno Scanner Has Become Available!

Another announcement last week was the release of a new Xeno Scanner available for credit purchase, to assist combat vessels engaged in conflict operations, boasting a range extension! 

"A new, improved xeno scanner has been released, gracing those who will benefit from an extended range of up to 2 km!"

More information can be found via GalNet, at the following article:

Experimental Weapon Stabiliser (Class 3) Availability.

Confirmation was released last week that the 'Class 3 Experimental Weapon Stabiliser' is now available to claim from the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 1163 system, following Azimuth Biotech’s delivery initiative, after a slight delay in the intended delivery schedule.


GalNet News Round Up!

Our weekly GalNet News Roundup released last Friday, over on the official Elite Dangerous forums where you can candidly catch up on unravelling story arcs and plots.  

Community Event Spotlight!


Dates: 04 FEB 2023 to 11 FEB 2023 || Start Time: 5:00:00 GMT || End Time: 5:00:00 GMT

Location: Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1, planet B 1, The Kingfisher.

Eligibility: Everyone! (Experienced Pilots, Novice Pilots, Beginners, Search & Rescue, etc).

Information Summary:
To All Independent Pilots,
In conjunction with the Thargoid Advocacy Project, Human-Xeno Connections, Reforge AEGIS, and McCoy Spaceways, YKE Technologies is requesting support for Operation Halcyon, a multilateral repair initiative for the Kingfisher Xeno Peace Megaship.

Full Details via the Community Calendar at:


Latest In Store.

The new Crossfire Paint Jobs for the Krait Phantom are available now in the official Elite Dangerous online store!

  • These designs come in a choice of¬†6 colourations at a cost of 2220 ARX each.

Keep an eye on our social channels and in the spotlight section of the online store itself, for any new weekly additions.

And with that, Commanders, we'll see you in the black with more news coming to you, as soon as we have it available to share.

Again, keep an eye on the official Elite Dangerous Twitter, Facebook and Forums for any ad hoc info drops we might have, but until next week this is the Discovery Scanner sign off.



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