Azimuth Saga Finale Twitch Drops

Azimuth Saga Finale Twitch Drops

Greetings Commanders!

We are fast approaching the exciting finale of the Azimuth Saga, and now it's time to complete the final checks on your ship, and make your way to HIP 22460 to see everything unfold! You can make the most of this experience by checking it out in-game and enjoying it with your favourite streamers, which is why we're excited to be introducing Twitch Drops on select Elite Dangerous content creator channels! From Monday 8th August to Thursday 11th August, you will have the chance to earn some unique colourways for the Azimuth paintjobs on three different ships whilst watching everything unfold. 

Showing the three paintjobs, watch for 20 minutes each day to earn them.

The Twitch Drop campaign will kick off at 9AM UTC on Monday 8th August, and the drops are distributed as follows:

  • Monday 8th August 9AM UTC - Tuesday 9th August 9AM UTC: Fer-De-Lance Azimuth Ruthless Paintjob
  • Tuesday 9th August 9AM UTC - Wednesday 10th August 9AM UTC: Eagle Azimuth Ruthless Paintjob
  • Wednesday 10th August 9AM UTC - Thursday 11th August 9AM UTC: Krait MKII Azimuth Ruthless Paintjob

Simply tune in to one of the participating content creators between any of the above time windows, watch for a minimum of 20 minutes, and claim your reward on Twitch! 

Fer-De-Lance Azimuth Ruthless
FDL in Azimuth Ruthless paintjob
Eagle Azimuth Ruthless 
Eagle in Azimuth Ruthless Paintjob
Krait MK II Azimuth Ruthless 
Krait MK II with the Azimuth Ruthless paintjob

Participating Content Creators

We've gathered an elite squadron of streamers for you to join during the finale, so make sure to check each of them out:

Linking Your Twitch & Frontier Store Accounts

To make sure everything runs smoothly, if this is your first time participating in a Twitch Drop campaign for Elite Dangerous, please follow the short list of instructions below to setup your account:

1) Create an account at if you haven't already.

2) Link your Elite Dangerous account to your Frontier Store account if you haven't already.

3) Link your Twitch account to your Frontier Store account here.

Once that's all done, you're ready to go! Simply watch for 20 minutes, make sure to claim your reward on Twitch, and your paintjob should appear in-game shortly afterwards.

We're excited to be able to offer Twitch Drops like this for the first time, and we hope you find some new favourite streamers to get your Elite Dangerous Twitch fix from over the course of the week! 

We'll see you in HIP 22460 Commanders, don't miss it.


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