Console Profile Copy Process | Release Plan

Console Profile Copy Process | Release Plan

Greetings Commanders.

Now we have officially landed at September 1st, we have some current information on progress toward console profile copying, on target for release this month.

As mentioned in recent, light reports – we are still on track to action console profile copying to PC within the forthcoming weeks ahead and we’re pleased to report that our targeted week for the release of the 'console profile copy portal' is that of September 12th.

Our high level release plan:

  • Starting Monday September 5th, we will begin targeted testing of the console profile copy portal ahead of release. This will last approximately one week.
  • Depending on the results, we will then be in a position to release an exact date for the release of the console profile copy portal, however our current estimate for you as a guideline, is that release is targeted at the week commencing September 12th.

To echo some of the core information from our previous post around console profile copying and what to expect, for your convenience:

  • The original console profile will remain playable.
  • Only one profile may be copied per copy of Elite Dangerous.
  • This will be a one-time only process

For the extended version with much more further reading, please reference the following post: FAQ and Expected Date | Frontier Forums

One main point we would like to include today, is a reminder about your ARX Balance.

To quote a point in the “Which elements of my console profile will NOT be copied to PC” section of our previous communications:

  • Please ensure that you purchase desired customisations before you complete the copy process.
    • Any unspent Arx will remain on your original console profile.

To support this, we would like to give you early insight into our plan to incorporate a sale on cosmetics on the Elite Dangerous store, which coincides with the lead up to profile copying taking place.

The exact date of this sale, as with the specifics on the release of the console copy portal will be made known in due course.

Once again, Commanders, we look forward to updating you ahead of the week of September 12th with more specifics on the portal release, following next week's targeted testing.

Thank you so much, as always.


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