Discovery Scanner - 06/03/2023

Discovery Scanner - 06/03/2023

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to another week in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

As always, we hope you had a wonderful weekend just passed and wish you all the best in your onward adventures! 


[Screenshot: CMDR ArabinUK  | Twitter]



Once again we would like to keep you updated on current progress toward Update 15.

There's nothing further to add today, following last week's insight into the target window for release being the end of  April. This still remains as the primary objective o7


Notes of reassurance continue as we remain vigilant regarding latest information sharing, around the reopening of the 'Console Copy Portal', for those wishing to bring their console Commanders across to PC.

As yet we have no immediate news to announce but we're working with the team to get it for you, as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on the official Elite Dangerous Forums and our social channels for any ad hoc game news updates that may arise, throughout the course of the forthcoming week ahead.



Join Sally and Bruce with special community guests this week, as they're daringly heading out on a 'fly along' with the Anti-Xeno Initiative.

Interesting one for sure, with hardpoints deployed, combat ready Bruce has Sally onboard, contemplating her Thargoid communication strategy; let's see where the journey will take them! Literally and...morally?

"The Anti-Xeno Initiative is an Elite:Dangerous player-group dedicated to protecting humanity from the Thargoid threat. We defend systems targeted by the vile xenos, study their technology and behavior, and perfect our battle tactics..." - The AXI | Anti-Xeno Initiative (

Same time, same place - Thursday, March 09 at 16:00 UTC over on the official Elite Dangerous Twitch or YouTube channels.


Introducing: Frameshift Live HQ!

We're really excited to announce that Producer Adam and the Community Team have been hard at work restoring an old Fleet Carrier lately, to use as their main base of operations.

Why not come along and join the team in Open Play, when they go live on air this week?

Frameshift Live HQ is elegantly parked up in Pleiades Sector DL-Y D65.

Access on foot will be prohibited, however please do feel free to glide around outside the window and give the team and viewers a wave!


Congratulations to Stellar Screenshots Winners! 

Once again we'd like to celebrate last week's Stellar Screenshot winners with you all if you missed the chance to find out via social share.

Head on over to the following video to view, but let's take the opportunity to call out the full list of winners here and now:

Fey Sky
Khoros Thar
Matt G
The Harm
zorro z sari

Submit your in game captures using #StellarScreenshots over on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread.

All winners picked will receive a special 'Shatter' paintjob for their efforts and will have their winning captures shared on our Frameshift Live livestream if chosen within the same week.

Canonn Faction Corps

"LCU assures us that he is not simply running from the bubble to escape the Thargoid Invasion he is just going to complete the Canonn Challenge by scanning one of everything in the Galaxy." 

It's a known fact that whenever Canonn Councillor, LCU No Fool Like One takes to the microphone, we all very intently listen.

Please enjoy, as we did, if you haven't already, the latest release in his musical repertoire.

Elite Dangerous: The Paintjob

"We can easily change the ship color from the terminal. Or even directly from the chair. But is it really that easy to change?"

Yet another (you know we can't resist sharing) wonderful animation short from The High Wake released recently, this time a humorous nod to paint jobs.

We continue to enjoy these so much and urge anyone who may not be familiar with the work of THW, to check them out over on YouTube for years of entertaining, creative content from our Galaxy.



Last Friday released the impressive 'Vanguard' paint jobs for the Anaconda.

Check out these new releases in 6 Colourations at 3520 ARX each, over in the official Elite Dangerous Gamestore.

We regularly release new cosmetics for Elite Dangerous, so do keep an eye on our social channels toward the end of each week for anything fresh.

We do make sure to share limited time or special editions via other means too, for example via the Elite Dangerous Forum, so Commanders don't miss out.

That just about, once again, wraps things up for this week's Discovery Scanner, Commanders!

Wishing you and all a great week ahead.

We'll be in touch with any news and updates in the days ahead as any arise for you.


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