Discovery Scanner - 09/01/2023

Discovery Scanner - 09/01/2023

Greetings Commanders and a very 'Happy New Year' to you!

It's great to be back and are looking forward to an eventful 3309 with you all, in whatever efforts and adventures you may be undertaking within the Elite Dangerous galaxy, looking forward.

Let's get started on immediate plans for the month and a little on the near future roll out.

Game News


As mentioned in last year's communications, the teams have acknowledged a core selection of known issues present following the deployment of Update 14, with a view to tackle these in an interim update early this year.

We are pleased to inform that we're targeting a release window of this interim update for the latter end of January; this month.

For full information on the known issues list that have been under internal investigation, head to the official Forum post here.

To confirm, the final list of confirmed issues addressed is not yet confirmed, however we'll have more information on the specifics and logistics ahead of deployment time.

UPDATES 15 & 16

We're also happy to confirm that we are on track to deliver further updates this year, targeting Update 15 in April and Update 16 to follow later in the year.

As always, we will provide more in depth information around future updates as and when we have it but we are truly excited to be able to share these forthcoming plans as the year gets off to a new start.


Frameshift Live Returns! 

Frameshift Live returns to your stream viewing schedule this month, kicking things off with the 24th instalment on Thursday, January the 19th.

A little while to wait for the show to begin, but time is truly seeming to move quite rapid these days so keep an eye out for next week's Discovery Scanner where we'll share more on the content of the show, which will also include a host of brand new paint job Drops for viewers tuned in over on Twitch.

These Twitch drops come in the latest form of 'Blizzard Ice', of which an example of the colour and design can be seen below, on the ever graceful Asp Explorer.


All Twitch Drops will be compatible with 'Elite Dangerous Live/4.0' version only.


Speaking of new drops, our Elite Partner Program creators will be offering exclusive paintjobs as Twitch Drops too, to start the year off in style.  

These Blizzard Evergreen paintjobs will be available from today, Monday the 9th of January from around 11:30am GMT, until the 31st of January:

  • Python Blizzard Evergreen: Stream to be watched for 30 minutes.
  • Anaconda Blizzard Evergreen – Stream to be watched for an additional 1 hour.
  • Asp Explorer Blizzard Evergreen – Stream to be watched for a further 1 hour and 30 minutes.

There will also be an additional Twitch Drop available for everyone streaming Elite Dangerous, and that will be the Cobra Mk III Blizzard Evergreen! Viewers will need to watch 30 minutes of any participating stream to earn this.

All Twitch Drops will be compatible with 'Elite Dangerous Live/4.0' version only.

If you're not currently familiar with our list of Elite Dangerous Partners in our Partner Program, you can find the roll call in full here.


Stellar Screenshots Returns!

Along with fresh, new beginnings for the year comes the return of Stellar Screenshots, our weekly, social, creative competition whereby Commanders share their impressive, in-game photography, using #StellarScreenshots over on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread.

Our first batch of winners for 3309 will be announced on Wednesday, January the 18th and showcased as usual on the following Frameshift Live the day after.

All winners picked will receive a special 'Shatter' paintjob for their efforts.

As always, keep an eye on our social channels (Twitter and Facebook) and official Forum for further information on in game events, including Community Goals and more!

A 'Happy New Year' once again, Commanders.

See you in the black o7

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