Discovery Scanner - 20/09/2022

Discovery Scanner - 20/09/2022

Greetings Commanders.

Thank you for joining us for a Tuesday edition of Discovery Scanner, following a public Bank Holiday yesterday. Here’s hoping your week has started as well as possible so far.

Game News


It was an exceptionally busy week in the Galaxy last week, with events such as:

  • The Console Copy Portal opened up for Console Commanders to at last join their PC Comrades within the Galaxy.

We’ve seen such an incredible response since the portal opened, as Commanders continue to fly on through and join us on their new platform.

Thank you all so much for stepping across. We’re so very happy to have you.

As a reminder, there is currently no fixed date set for the closure of the Console Copy Portal.

Please don’t worry, we won’t be closing the door without lengthy, prior warning. It’s still very early days with the launch of this process and we would like to give enough time as possible to allow our Console Commanders to travel across.

  • 4.0 Is Now Live.

In line with the launch of the Console Copy Process, the 4.0 update for Horizons released swiftly after.

Again, we thank all Commanders for their patience on the day with the extended downtime as this deployment took place and some stability issues were addressed.

It has been noticed that some issues may be being experienced with Commanders attempting to launch Horizons 4.0 via the Epic Store. We’re looking into this on development side but if any of you are continuing to face this problem, or it persists in line with Odyssey as oppose to singularly Horizons 4.0, then please do raise a direct Customer Service ticket here.

For the release thread and discussion, head over to the official Forum launch post here.


Last week launched our first Galnet News Roundup over in the Official Elite Dangerous Forum.

If a quick summary of the current state of the Galaxy, from the political whispers to ‘Bug Hunt Mayhem’ sounds like your kind of morning, afternoon or evening read then we’ve now got you covered.

Head on over to the official post here, to catch up.

Community Events Spotlight

Dates: 24 Sep 2022 > 02 Oct 2022
Start Time: 12:00:00 AM (GMT+1)
End Time: 11:59:00 AM (GMT+1)
Location: Somewhere in the bubble (details to be released closer to the time). Please reference the Forum link below for updates.

Summary: The final race in the Buckyball Racing Club's Magic 8-Ball championship, The Last Gasp is a race against time as competitors turn off their life support and then attempt to visit a series of remote stations and get back to the start line before their 25 minutes of emergency Oxygen runs out.
For full details, read more on this Event here in the official Forums

This highlighted and more have been added to the Elite Dangerous Community Calendar, so please do go and check out the most recent entries yourselves.
Don’t forget - if you have any special events you’d like to submit to the Community Calendar you can do so on the events page too, at


Join us back at our usual time this Thursday at 16:00 BST, September the 22nd, as we’re joined by Derin from the Design team to talk about the workings behind Odyssey Installations and Settlements!

For this show we’re trying something new! 
If you have any questions you would like us to pass along to Derin to answer live on Stream, head over to the discussion post in the Elite Dangerous Forum (select ' Join the Discussion' at the bottom of this post) to submit and we'll choose a number of them to discuss live on air.

See you then!


As a reminder, the sale currently hosted on our Frontier Store page for Elite Dangerous remains live until September the 24th.

Discounts include:
-    75% off Elite Dangerous.
-    45% off Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.
-    45% off Elite Dangerous Commander Premium Edition

There’s no better time to glide into Elite Dangerous: Odyssey right now so do take this opportunity at a great price if you’re able, of course o7


As always Commanders, thank you so much for sharing your continued passion for discovery across the Galaxy and beyond. 

Here’s to a great few remaining days to the week ahead!

Fly safe.

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