Discovery Scanner - 27/02/2023

Discovery Scanner - 27/02/2023

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to another week in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

As always, we hope you had a wonderful weekend just passed and wish you all the best in your onward adventures! 


[Screenshot: CMDR Selene Stardragon  | Twitter]

Game News

Update 15.

  • The team continue to work through your feedback and reports, with sights still set on and end of April target date, for release of Update 15.

Console Copy Portal.

  • A note of reassurance today to confirm we remain focused on obtaining latest information regarding the reopening of the 'Console Copy Portal', for those wishing to bring their console Commanders across to PC as soon as we have it. As yet we have no immediate news to announce but we're working with the team to get it for you.

The 'Unstuck' Option.

It's been brought to our attention recently that there has been some confusion over the 'Unstuck' Main Menu option, present for Elite Dangerous 'Live'/4.0 Commanders.

We can only apologise for this as it was implemented along with Update 14  and information regarding it was left unclear.

Here's a breakdown:

  • Prior to the separate version releases of Elite Dangerous 'Live'/4.0 and Elite Dangerous: Legacy modes, Commanders who may have found themselves in 'tricky situations', for example stuck in terrain or unable to complete a primary gameplay pathway due to an unexpected issue, would relog to Legacy modes in order to reset their position in Odyssey to bypass said issues.
  • The 'Unstuck' option on the main menu provides, essentially a more elegant way to achieve the above process, in order to provide an update to the Commander's location, to that of a safe one.

We hope this brings some clarity to the option and again, please do accept our apologies for not being clear with this information on release.


Frameshift Live #26

Incase you missed it, Arthur and Sally were joined by one of Elite Dangerous' prime time designers, Tom Kewell, to talk about Thargoid War Scenarios.

It was a great show, thanks to all who joined live in the chat and to our wonderful Mods as always. It's always wonderful to have such a passionate turn out.

You can catch up or recap on the show here: 


Galnet News Roundup!

Our weekly GalNet News Roundup released last Friday, over on the official Elite Dangerous forums where you can candidly catch up on unravelling story arcs and plots.


Congratulations to Stellar Screenshots Winners! 

Once again we'd like to celebrate last week's Stellar Screenshot winners with you all if you missed the chance to find out via social share.

Head on over to the following video to view, but let's take the opportunity to call out the full list of winners here and now:

Dirk Hatch
Jhon Wick
Magma TTV
Selene Stardragon

Submit your in game captures using #StellarScreenshots over on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread.

All winners picked will receive a special 'Shatter' paintjob for their efforts and will have their winning captures shared on our Frameshift Live livestream if chosen within the same week.


Orange Phoenix and The Planet Vulcan Meet-Up 

We may be just over a week late with celebrating Orange Phoenix's fun and exciting Ship Launched Fighter event this month, but it goes without saying that the conversations that have been playing out around the event and the additional courses that "OP" has been working on over the last few weeks, have been awesome to see...especially when an excitable Alec Turner gets involved...

Truly, we've had immense enjoyment (and giggles) going through the conversing on tactics and timings between 'OP' and Alec - we love the energy.

Thank you so much for sharing such escapades with us, Orange Phoenix, and to all of you who create such memorable moments in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

You can see more of Orange Phoenix's efforts with carving out courses for high speed shenanigans on their YouTube channel, including the Mitterand Canyon ship race track from last month too, HERE

Happy 10th Birthday, Lave Radio!

Last but by no means whatsoever least, a very happy 10th birthday to our beloved friends at Lave Radio.

The team at Lave had a live birthday bash with some special guests from old times and new times last week to celebrate and have since followed up with this nostalgic video.

"This video is a little bit different. It was made to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Elite Dangerous podcast, Lave Radio, and is very much "out of universe". The Elite Dangerous Kickstarter finished on 5th January 2012, by that measure making the game a little over ten years old. Here are some memories (just some - there's lots we couldn't fit in), taken entirely from the official @elitedangerous YouTube channel. How many can you remember?"

We're not shy to say it - we want to see the next decade out with you too!

This year truly is a special on for the Galaxy. What a way to kick things off.

That just about, once again, wraps things up for this week's Discovery Scanner, Commanders!

Wishing you and all a great week ahead.

We'll be in touch with any news and updates in the days ahead as any arise for you.


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