Discovery Scanner - 27/06/2022

Discovery Scanner - 27/06/2022

Greetings Commanders!

First of all, it's good to speak to you! Apologies for the lack of Discovery Scanner last week, we were incredibly busy. But that was last week, and now we're back! So without further ado, here's everything you need to be aware of in the world of Elite Dangerous:

Fleet Carrier Upkeep Fix

As you may have known, there has recently been an issue where Carrier upkeep was failing to be deducted under the planned cadence, causing it to stack up and show inflated totals in Carrier management. The dev team have put in a fix for this, but here are some things worth knowing about the fix, as shared by Sally last week:

  • This fix will not take effect until the next maintenance tick, which will take place at normal time this week.
  • At which point all of the accrued upkeep costs that you see up until that point, as a result of this issue, will be deducted from your balance.
  • From then on (post maintenance tick), Carrier upkeep costs will be accumulated and deducted as you were used to, as normal. There have been no changes to the way upkeep costs will be displayed or managed for you moving forward, the way the upkeep system has been behaving was the result of an unfortunate issue in occurrence.
  • The fix will also be present for Horizons players as well as Odyssey.

Known Issues

Here's an up-to-date list of the bigger known issues we're looking into:

  • Continuing to investigate remaining stability issues/CTDs. The crash report submissions continue to be useful and the team are aware.
  • Unable to access ship functions from within a station (Issue tracker reference ticket
  • As per the report, Commanders have experienced being unable to access any of the ship functions (nav, comm, etc) when at the station services screen. Once again, as per the report, Commanders are required to leave Station Services to access ship functions and then go back again.
  • As another has noted, Commanders are unable to 'check their existing missions or inventory, or even consult the System and Galaxy maps without exiting completely from the station UI.'
  • It's been reported that ship launched fighters are failing still to attack Thargoids when giving orders to their pilot NPCs.
  • There's currently an issue whereby opening the System or Galaxy Map incorrectly issues a 'fade-to-black' transition.
  • Scatter rocks will appear 'flat black' on terrain after using full screen UI.

Frameshift Live

We'll have a new episode of Frameshift Live for you this week at 4PM BST on Thursday 30th! You can expect the usual game updates, as well as some community highlights, and if all goes to plan, another developer interview (they are just as busy as us at the moment!). Remember to tune in live in order to earn a Summer paintjob for one of your ships!

Lavecon 2022

Lavecon is fast approaching, and there's still a chance to get your tickets for the Elite Dangerous-themed meetup! Some of the community team will be there to say hello, and maybe even put on a fun show with some developers! It'll be great to see you all in-person again soon.

Community Calendar Highlight: Seven Sisters Speedway

Seven Sisters Speedway Event

As of writing, today is your last chance to post a time on the latest remixed Buckyball race! This one will see you racing around the Seven Sisters in the Pleiades nebula, so don't miss out!

Commander Creations

The High Wake has done it again with another fantastic animation! This one may just hit you in the feels, so be prepared. 


Elite Dangerous jacket patch featuring Commander name

Commander Streya is creating their very own CMDR jacket and is including awesome custom patches like this one! We can't wait to see the finished product.

That's all for this week!


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