Discovery Scanner - 28/11/2022

Discovery Scanner - 28/11/2022

Greetings Commanders,

What a week ahead in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy, for sure. Here's hoping you had a good week just passed - let's jump right into what is essentially an 'Update 14' special of this week's Discovery Scanner.

Game News


  • 5:00 - In game broadcasting of 'server downtime warning'.
  • 7:00 - Both Horizons only and Odyssey Servers go down (update notes released via web and 'Release Tracker' style forum thread at around this time).
  • 15:00 - Servers return. Update 14 Deployment will be live.


  • Horizons Only Update 14 : 164.7 MB
  • Odyssey Update 14 : 4.8 GB
  • Total combined update size : 4.9 GB (Updates combined only. ONLY if you have already installed the full 4.0 game client in advance).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not installed a full download of the 4.0 game client in advance of tomorrow's update 14 deployment, the client itself, minus the update 14 download size, is around the 50 GB mark. You may wish to do this prior to Update 14 release if you have yet to do so.

Full update notes will be shared tomorrow, just ahead of or alongside server downtime.

The following schedule is posted for discussion in the Official Elite Dangerous Forum at the following link.

Please do keep an eye on our official social channels and in the Elite Dangerous Forum from 7:00 tomorrow morning as we keep you up to date on release proceedings.



In line with Update 14 releasing tomorrow, last week we released important information regarding Update 14 and Beyond: "Live and Legacy Modes".

It's encouraged that you familiarise yourself with this information as it's crucial to the forward movement of Elite Dangerous, following tomorrow's update.

You can find all the information you need in the following article: Elite Dangerous Update 14 and Beyond: Live and Legacy Modes - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey


Frameshift Live #22 

Join us this Thursday from 16:00 UTC where we will be recapping the excitement brought along with Update 14, featuring two special developer guests to talk more in depth on the design and content behind the deployment.

Drops will be available for those viewing via Twitch as usual.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event 

The Elite Dangerous 'Black Friday' event kicked off last week on November 22nd and runs through until December 5th, with Cyber Monday landing today with the release of 'Stygian' paint jobs, in the Elite Dangerous Gamestore.

  • There is currently up to 40% off Ship Kits and Gear Sets.
  • As well as up to 30% off select Paint Jobs, Cockpit Customisation, Detailing and Weapon Colours, including the return of the Midnight Black paint at a 20% discount too!

All of the Black Friday through Cyber Monday offerings are now final and present in store, so as a reminder you have until December 5th to take final advantage of them all.



Galnet News Roundup

Recap all of the past week’s news articles in our fun and friendly Forum space or link direct to each to get to grips with the current Galaxy happenings.

Link to article is here for your convenience.



HCS Voicepacks Black Friday Sale

HCS Voicepacks have launched their huge Black Friday sale and announced some exciting new content from their stars over the next month. 

They will be travelling to the studio in LA early December to record updated content for Odyssey with William Shatner (Orion) and Brent Spiner (Vega) as well as meet two NEW stars - Claudia Christian (Ivanova from Babylon 5) and Gates McFadden (Dr Beverly Crusher from Star Trek) for some new voice packs. 

Plus they've been preparing the fun Ship's Dog companion pack and putting the finishing touches on the Deep Space Quiz. Learn more here.

What's more, they've been producing some great videos recently. Parts 1 and 2 of their launch for GAMMA can be found here.

Take advantage of the sale now, at

As always Commanders, thank you so much for sharing your continued passion for discovery across the Galaxy and beyond. 

Here’s to a productive week ahead, once again, ESPECIALLY with the welcoming in of Update 14!

Fly safe.
See you in the black o7

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