Discovery Scanner - 30/05/2022

Discovery Scanner - 30/05/2022

Greetings Commanders!

It's time for a brand new Discovery Scanner, where we catch up on any news of the past week, and look ahead to the coming week. 


Update 12's New Date

Last week, we announced that Update 12 is now aiming for the 7th of June! The date was moved from the end of May to allow the team enough time to make all the final touches and be present for launch after the upcoming UK bank holiday.


The Azimuth Saga

Things are starting to get interesting in the Azimuth Saga! There was no CG last week, but it's been reported that some Commanders received a mysterious piece of intel leading to the reveal of some pretty significant information! If you didn't get that message, I'm sure GalNet will be reporting on the event, so keep your eyes peeled and you can do some investigating of your own.


Frameshift Live

We're back with another episode of Frameshift Live this week! Due to the bank holiday, we'll be streaming on Wednesday 1st June at 4PM BST. As well as all the latest community news, we'll also be sitting down to speak to two members of the narrative team to discuss all things Azimuth as well as other aspects of the Elite Dangerous narrative, so be sure to tune in and earn your Twitch Drops!


Commander Creations

Lego Asp Explorer in front of a Lego planet

You know I can't resist some good Elite themed LEGO, and Reddit user Qwinter131 has delivered with not only that, but also an Asp in front of a thing!


A user's PC setup with multiple monitors, keyboards, HOTAS, and a large display showing space scenery

We get to see a lot of your wonderful setups, but this one by Reddit user M0NKEYBOX is by far one of our favourites, mostly due to that gigantic screen behind the monitors, giving a beautiful backdrop to your space adventures.

That's all for this week!







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