Discovery Scanner - 31/10/2022

Discovery Scanner - 31/10/2022

Greetings Commanders.

Happy Halloween! We made it!

After the last few weeks building toward this marked date, we’ve stumbled directly into October 31st – All Hallows’ Eve.

We’ve had a lot of fun with so very many of you throughout this month of celebrations.
Thanks for joining us!

[Commander Title Image Credit: M.V.Coehoorn]


Game News:

  • We’ll keep this note in once again this week, just to maintain confirmation: Update 14 is still marked for release at the end of November. Here to reassure you that there is no further change to this schedule, as of this week.





Frameshift Live #20

Join Arthur and Sally this week as they enjoy all of your usual news from around the Galaxy, plus an insightful interview by Bruce with a special guest from Canonn Research, to tell us all about their scientific ventures and recent work on the Rogue Signal Sources, that appear to be rapidly approaching the bubble!

We’ll be going live from 16:00 UTC this Thursday, November 3rd, with all new Autumn paintjob Twitch Drops too (this time for the Cobra MKIII), over on the official Elite Dangerous Twitch Channel.




Just because we’ve hit Halloween for real today, doesn’t mean the treats suddenly stop straight away!

We have some fun in the Forum right now with the above ‘Fill in the blanks’ game to have one last chance to win the Noctule Hex paint job bundle this season.

We’ll be picking some winners on Wednesday the 2nd of November in line with the final showcase of #StellarScreamshots winners too.

As a reminder:
Should you stumble across one of our giveaway codes, here’s the way to redeem them!
-    Navigate to
-    Sign in using the platform you want to use the code on
-    Navigate to Redeem Giveaway Code (
-    Put your code in, and press redeem

Note: Make sure you include all letters and characters of the code.

Your new paint jobs will be available to you when you next launch the game!


#StellarSCREAMSHOTS Finale!


This is your final call to be a winner in this month’s #StellarScreamshots before the ghastly façade is dropped and we return to the magnificent, regular #StellarScreenshots.

As mentioned, a little earlier, winners of the final Stellar SCREAMshots will be announced on November 2nd.

Share your creepiest screenshots with the hashtag, #StellarScreamshots on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread and you could win a new, limited edition for the month of October (and a little bit of November), Halloween themed Asp Explorer paint job, the 'Malevolent Ghast', in addition to the usual 'Shatter' paintjob! 

You can still be counted as part of #StellarScreenshots but it'll be great to collectively add in #StellarScreamshots too!



The ‘Halloween Blast’ Sale Event may be at an end, but we’re excited to announce that our ‘Day of the Dead’ store takeover will be going live this Wednesday, November 2nd!

We won’t spoil the surprise with greater details just yet, but some special little fun cosmetics will be making their way into your cockpit livery options to purchase, from this coming Wednesday until November 9th.


Community Events Spotlight!


Start: 28/10/2022 | 18:00 UTC
End: 11/11/2022 | 17:00 UTC

Exploring the deep space! Star One, the last star before Andromeda Galaxy.

In the Third Installment of TREX Deep Space Explorations this time we are heading to a very interesting corner of our Galaxy., Star One, which is the last star before the big void in between Milky Way and sister Galaxy Andromeda.

Mostly a scientific journey, as we plan to discover space life, as well as anomalies and beauties of the Galaxy.

This expedition is already underway, BUT we’re sure the Commanders would still love to hear from you if you’re interested!

For full links and information, view this event at the following Calendar Link:


To add any of your Elite Dangerous events to share with fellow Commanders who may wish to take part, head on over to the official Community Calendar at



As always Commanders, thank you so much for sharing your continued passion for discovery across the Galaxy and beyond.

Here’s to a productive week ahead, once again!

Fly safe.

See you in the black o7




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