Discovery Scanner | Happy Holidays, 3308!

Discovery Scanner | Happy Holidays, 3308!

Greetings Commanders,

Wow, another year set to conclude in the Galaxy as we face 3309, fast on the approach, we'd like to take a moment now, ahead of the imminent Holidays, to reflect a little on the week just passed and wish you well into the weeks ahead until we meet again in the new year.

Game News

As mentioned last week, the teams have acknowledged a core selection of known issues present since the deployment of Update 14, with a view to tackle these in an interim update early next year.

For full information on the known issues list under internal investigation and more information on plans in general for the update, head to the official Forum post here.

To clarify, there is no set date for the interim update as yet but when we're back in the new year we'll have more information on the specifics and logistics then.


Corrs Toy Emporium Calls For Help

Despite the current status of urgency within the galaxy at present, with the Thargoid invasion efforts, Commanders are keeping the festive spirit alive for those who need it most (good for you!!) in our special seasonal in game event.

Rewards as part of completing efforts throughout this venture include a number of exclusive paint jobs and more!

Read more via Galnet here.

This event runs until January 5th, 2023.


Frameshift Live Festive Special!

In case you missed the festive fun, recap last week's finale livestream of the year with Arthur, Paul, Sally and a plethora of special guests over on the official Twitch or YouTube channels.


In light of this, we'd like to thank all of you who join us for our Elite Dangerous livestreams and look forward to continuing on with more in the new year, turning that 'On Air' sign back on from Thursday the 19th of January.


Galnet News Roundup

The latest weekly drop of Galnet News Roundup went live last week.

Recap all of the past week’s news articles in our fun and friendly Forum space or link direct to each to get to grips with the current Galaxy happenings.

Link to article is here for your convenience: GalNet News Round Up - 16 December 3308.

Stellar Screenshots 3308

Each week of 3308 never failed to astound and astonish us with efforts from the Commander Community being top tier with entries into our weekly Stellar Screenshots competition.

As part of the Festive Livestream last week, we shortlisted 10 of the best (this was exceptionally difficult) screenshots from throughout the year and set it to the public vote as to which lucky entry would come out on top as the best of 3308.

Carrying the most votes, we were proud to announce Commander Tumama as the overall winner for the year with this beautiful submission below. A huge congratulations to them.


Featured Commander | The High Wake

We were absolutely overjoyed this morning to see that over the weekend, The High Wake released another fantastic animated short, titled 'When you have high access level'.

"Elite Dangerous: When you have a high access level: Living with a high access level has its benefits. Every door is open to you in your settlement. Every guard respects you. Every skimmer sentry squeaks a welcome when you appear. There is only one problem - saboteurs with a profile analyzer."

We love how this one features so many known Commanders from the community! Amazing work o7


'Krait on a Plate' Forum Fun

We've been gifting out our seasonal prize paint job bundle throughout the course of the month, as part of the Festive Livestream just passed and via little challenges across our official social channels.

Over in the Elite Dangerous Forum right now, there's a few days left to think up and submit your own Elite Dangerous version of 'Elf on a shelf'/'Krait on a plate' to win!


A selection of witty minded Commanders will be chosen to win the above paint job prize early this week - the 'Snowfall Icicle' pack.

Head on over to comment an entry now, on the official post.


Festive Countdown Continues

From ARX login rewards to special cosmetic releases, the Elite Dangerous 'Festive Countdown' continues by the day!

As a reminder to all, we give daily information on releases during this countdown event over on our official social channels (Twitter and Facebook).

Festive Countdown 'Daily Login ARX Bonus' Information:

  • Only available via the Live (4.0) Galaxy. Rewards are not available on Legacy (3.x).
  • Players must load into a Game Session (‘Open Play’/’Private Group’/’Solo’).
  • Players do not have to have logged in on previous days to receive the current day’s reward.





Elite Dangerous Merchandise Re-Launch

Exciting news for treat givers, whether for yourself or your co-pilots, we relaunched the Elite Dangerous merch store this week, with all new designs in apparel and accessories!

Check out the current full range at

In Closing...

And with that, Commanders, from all of us - we wish you a very happy Holidays ahead and look forward to rejoining you again from the week commencing January 3, 3309.

To sign us out, we'd love to share Commander Exorcist's 'Out There - Season 4 Finale', as we look back on some spectacular views of the Galaxy from 3308 (to the incredible sounds of TimeCop, no less...So very fitting).

All our very best and thanks to you, for being an incredible part of our Elite Dangerous galaxy o7




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