Elite Dangerous '4.0' Access on PC: FAQ

Elite Dangerous '4.0' Access on PC: FAQ

Greetings Commanders,  

Earlier this month we shared this post which described our plans to make 4.0 available to all PC users. We’d like to take this opportunity reiterate the purpose of this option and answer some of your questions.  

The option to launch Elite Dangerous in 4.0 will allow players on 3.8 who do not own the Odyssey expansion to experience the improvements that the 4.0 codebase brings. These include enhanced visuals, UI, and a plethora of quality of life changes from updates since May 2021.  

This option also provides an on-ramp to experience the new narrative phase, Aftermath, which will contain content that can only be experienced on 4.0. Combined with the console profile migration process coming next month, this means Xbox and PlayStation Commanders will have the option to join us on this adventure. These are the key reasons behind offering this new option.  

Following your feedback and questions, we have created the following FAQ:  

How will this affect instancing?  

Players within these versions of the game will be able to instance together. Players will not be able to instance with players outside their version:  

  • 3.8 
  • 4.0 (Horizons) 
  • 4.0 (Odyssey)  

For example, a player on 4.0 (Horizons) will only be able to see other Commander on 4.0 Horizons when in-game. They will not see anyone on 3.8 or 4.0 (Odyssey). This example extends to each to each of the other two versions.  

Will we lose access to 3.8?  

No, all players will retain the option to launch in 3.8. 

Will 3.8 receive further updates? 

Essential maintenance updates will continue on 3.8, however new content and features will only be introduced to 4.0. 

Will the BGS continue to be shared between 3.8 and 4.0?  


Will 3.8 still receive Community Goals and GalNet Articles? 

Yes, both of these will continue on 3.8 and contributions will be shared across versions. 4.0 may receive exclusive CGs and articles which include on-foot content.  

Please note that these answers reflect our intentions at the time of releasing the option to launch in 4.0 but may be revisited after implementation. We hope this has gone some way to answering the key questions that arose from the initial announcement.  

As always, thank you for your feedback and please do continue to ask any further questions and we'll address as soon as we can.


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