Elite Dangerous Live | Update 14.02

Elite Dangerous Live | Update 14.02

Greetings Commanders,

Today sees the release of Update 14.02 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0.

Scheduled deployment timeline:

Time (GMT) Action
15:00 Elite Dangerous Live/4.0 servers are offline.
17:00 Elite Dangerous Live/4.0 servers will become available, with Update 14.02 ready for install.

Please see below for full update notes:

Features of Note

  • Restoring power to each of the settlements in a recovering system now reduces the time taken to fully recover the system by 1 week.
    • This will be reflected in that system's recovery complete time shortly after the final settlement has had power restored.
  • Missions to restore power to settlements are now available in Recovering systems.
  • Humanity is attempting to reclaim systems controlled by the Thargoid forces!
    • Conflict Zones and other scenarios can now be found within Thargoid-controlled systems near the frontlines of the invasion.
  • Salvaging and then safely recovering Black Boxes and Escape Pods, obtaining and delivering Tissue Samples now all contribute towards the progress bar and resist the invasion in the location they were collected, when handed in to a rescue megaship.
  • Recovering systems that can no longer have their recovery efforts accelerated by player actions will now show 100% completion on the progress bar so that it's clearer where to place recovery efforts.
  • 'Thargoid War' panel now shows top 5 most progressed (but not completed) systems in each Thargoid state.


  • Players can now receive interdiction data when interdicted by Thargoid Scouts.
  • Erroneous messages intended for patrolling AX pilots have been stopped during AX conflict zones.
  • Thargoid Interceptors no longer get drawn to already-detonated caustic generators.
  • Thargoid Interceptors will no longer stray far from settlement conflict zones - (Uh oh...Good news, bad news? Hard to tell)

Gameplay & Missions

  • Fixed incorrect text when opening the Tech Broker UI with Medium Guardian Gauss Cannon.
  • Synthesis for the Enhanced AX Missile Launcher has been fixed.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrect text that could display for 'Reboot and Evacuate Wounded Civilian Missions'.
  • Payouts have been increased for Thargoid War Collect Missions - particularly group missions.


  • Fixed possible crash if two players interdict someone at the same time.
  • Fixed rare crash due to string lights being used in ship cockpits (Such a thing as 'too shiny', clearly...)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players disembarked on foot after killing a Hydra in a Conflict Zone.
  • Fixed a hardlock that could trigger for players at Planet Port AX Conflict Zones.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could trigger during an AX conflict Zone.
  • Fixed random stability issues that could occur during Thargoid encounters.
  • Fixed random stability issues that could occur when Thargoids are destroyed.
  • Fixed a hardlock that would occur at a specific barnacle site.
    • Location: Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81 C 2.
  • Improvements have been made toward AX Conflict Zones occasionally getting stuck progressing to the next stage.
  • Fixed random stability issues that could occur when players enter an AX Conflict Zone.
  • Improvements to invisible Thargoids being seen in multiplayer instance of AX Conflict Zones.
    • Thargoid visibility will now be improved at close proximity, however these are initial improvements and the team are carrying our additional investigations to further bolster a result on this issue.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting a direct message in chat would cause the social menu to become unresponsive.
  • Clarified the Thargoid War panels in the galaxy map, including references to all actions that can be taken which contribute to the progress bar and resist the invasion.
  • Added maelstrom names to Thargoid War system panel.
  • Changed Thargoid war system progress bar to more clearly indicate when further effort is required.
  • Fixed specified locations in the system map not being able to be selected for Fleet Carrier jumps.
  • Fixed messaging when players attempted to jump their Fleet Carrier during the cooldown phase.
    • Previously it explained it was due to Thargoid-Controlled Systems.


  • Adjusted the offset on the DiamondBack Scout landing gear a little more to give extra clearance to the Scarab SRV when deploying the vehicle.

As always, Commanders, thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to the Galaxy.

We remain ever grateful for your efforts in discovery o7 


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