Elite Dangerous | Post Update 13 Fixes

Elite Dangerous | Post Update 13 Fixes

Greetings Commanders.

It's been an eventful week in the Galaxy!

Following feedback collection and reports since the launch of Update 13, we're making the following changes delivered via server:

Horizons Only:

Due to the Fire Zones of the Overlook and the Oath of Tyndareus still being erroneously active, as well as the Heart of Taurus and Bright Sentinel still having online Landing Pads the following has been changed:

  • All "Reckless Weapon Discharge", "Assault" and any violation of a Fire Zone will trigger the standard responses from the Overlook and the Oath of Tyndareus. However they will not apply a Permanent Fine or a Bounty.
  • Pad Loitering at the Heart of Taurus and the Bright Sentinel is the same. They will respond as normal but the long term fines or Bounties will not be applied.

These changes only apply to those locations, Fines and Bounties will be applied normally when committing any other kind of crime, or committing those specific crimes at other locations in HIP 22460.

Odyssey Only:

  • Players with bounties worth multiple billions of credits will be able to log in again.
  • Thargoids enjoyed playing CQC with you all, but have had their fill and will return to the main game mode.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

See you in the black o7

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