Elite Dangerous Update 14 Release Notes

Elite Dangerous Update 14 Release Notes

Greetings Commanders.

Before we get down to the business of update notes ahead of downtime and deployment of Update 14 today, let’s recap today’s release deployment schedule.

We are still very much on track and working to the following itinerary:

Time Approximations (UTC)  Action
7:00  Both Elite Dangerous Legacy (3.8) and Live (4.0) Servers are down.
15:00 Servers return. Update 14 Deployment will be live and available to download.



  • (3.8) Legacy Update 14 : 164.7 MB
  • (4.0) Live Update 14 : 4.8 GB

Total combined Update 14 ONLY size : 4.9 GB (Legacy and Live updates combined).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not installed a full download of the 'Live (4.0)' game client in advance of Update 14 deployment, the client itself, minus the Update 14 download size, will be around the 50 GB mark. 

You may wish to ensure 'Live' is downloaded and installed prior to Update 14 release, if you have yet to do so.

ADDITIONAL REMINDER: Due to the nature of this deployment, we'd like to highlight previously shared information on 'Live' and 'Legacy' modes, formed as part of this major update.

You'll find all the information on Live and Legacy for Elite Dangerous here: Elite Dangerous Update 14 and Beyond: Live and Legacy Modes - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

So without further ado, please see below for Update 14’s release notes, starting with Elite Dangerous 'Live'.

Update Notes | Elite Dangerous Live

Changes of Note:

  • New content and gameplay for the ongoing Thargoid narrative. Good luck, Commanders!
    • We’re being a little bit deliberate with vagueness on this one, Commanders. We’d love you to discover more on this gameplay yourselves on release of the update.

  • Increases have been made to the base payout for scanning organics.
  • Increases have been made to the multiplier for first-time organic scans from 2 to 5.
  • Commanders playing 'Live' have a new option in the Options menu to 'reset to orbit', in order to release themselves from unintended tricky situations.
    • Commanders playing 'Legacy' will still be able to launch 'Base Game Elite Dangerous (without Horizons)' to 'reset to orbit'

Community Issues of Note Addressed:

  • Fixed severe shadow flickering after Update 12.
  • Numerous performance improvements have been made to alleviate sudden performance drops when nearing a settlement.
  • Fixed atmosphere composition rendering which was causing discolouration with AMD RX 6000 series graphics card drivers.
  • Fixed a livery error when equipping a flight suit outfit piece over a non-flight suit.
  • Fixed 1D shield cell banks having damage falloff instead of max ammo.
  • Fixed an invisible wall at Prospector's Rest blocking access to Selene Jean - How confused must she have been?
  • Fixed collapsed doors at Thargoid Imprints not blocking passage for players when on-foot.
  • Fixed the Testament megaship being impossible to reach.
  • Fixed galaxy map system connector lines not staying toggled off.
  • Fixed "Cactoida Pullulanta - Green" being labelled "Cactoida Vermis - Green".
  • Fixed the Scarab not being able to fit under the Diamondback Scout.
  • Fixed being unable to hide routes in the Live (4.0) galaxy map as you were able to in Legacy (3.8).
  • Fixed Thargoids detecting Meta Alloys in your hold causing the game to often then crash.
  • Fixed the galaxy map mission tab taking you to the wrong system for item recovery missions.
  • Fixed filter settings in the galaxy map being cleared after closing the map.


  • AX Missile Racks have had their damage increased.
  • AX Weapons have had their description updated.


  • Stopped Thargoid ships unexpectedly jumping out of conflict zones.
  • Stopped Thargoid ships sometimes getting stuck in their dying state.
  • Stopped humanoid AI sometimes getting stuck in their death animations - Nightmare fuel scenario…


  • Fixed electrical sounds from triggering excessively and stacking - Bzzzt.
  • Reduced the default volume of Horizons music to match their volume Pre-Odyssey.
  • Fixed Air Traffic Controller VO lines occasionally restarting from the beginning when opening and closing the in-game menu.
  • Fixed skimmer audio not playing.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur where a large number of skimmers were audible at settlements.
  • Fixed UI sounds not reflecting how well the player is doing during an interdiction.
  • Adjusted the volume and positioning of the capital ship arrival sounds to make it easier to determine where they are.
  • Fixed impact on Commander ships being inaudible when walking on a planet surface.
  • Fixed asteroid reverb effects being overly loud.
  • Fixed comms UI notification sounds being audible when viewing the in-game menu.
  • Fixed conflict zone VO not obeying game audio mute options.
  • Fixed the tutorial VO not obeying game audio mute options - Shhh…
  • Fixed ship creaks not playing when a Commander's ship is out of control but not rotating.
  • Increased the distance at which Thargoid Scout vessel arrival sounds can be heard, to make them easier to notice.
  • Fixed freezing sound not triggering when ship canopy freezes over, during a Thargoid Interceptor shutdown.
  • Fixed the 'suit fully charged' voice line being controlled by "Recharging" rather than "Recharge Complete" in options.
  • Fixed combat end music playing multiple times after combat with Thargoid vessels ends - Mind you, this was pretty good affirmation that you did a really good job though, right?
  • Fixed internal Station Announcer VO going missing when visiting multiple different stations during the same session - Probably on a tea break. Don’t work too hard, Station Announcer person!
  • Fixed combat music from stopping when disembarking from an SRV.
  • Fixed combat music from starting and stopping if the player's ship was under attack by NPCs.


  • Players now remain on foot after handing themselves in and being transported to a detention facility.
  • Fixed an occasional Scarlet Krait error when engaged in hyperspace on board a teammate's ship.
  • Fixed a rare crash to desktop when selecting certain systems in the galaxy map.
  • Fixed an issue preventing fleet carrier owners from meeting other players at their carrier, and a Silver Fer-de-Lance error when attempting to join a team.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes appear to friends as in solo, regardless of their selected game mode.


  • Exploding ships will no longer lose their paint jobs for a few frames - Got to look good, even in pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where certain combat spoken lines would not have appropriate lipsync.
  • Fixed atmosphere composition rendering which was causing discolouration with AMD RX 6000 series graphics card drivers.

Performance & Optimisation:

  • Boosted performance in AX conflict zones.
  • Updated a number of decals and logos used on stations to use deferred shaders to improve performance.
  • Fixed unnecessary delay swapping into a newly purchased ship, which in turn holds improvements to general performance.

Gameplay & Missions:

  • Commander fleet carriers will no longer turn hostile toward them as a result of certain missions.
  • Stopped previous hostility to player occasionally persisting after they respawn at a detention centre.
  • Multicrew SRV pilots will no longer find themselves in a situation where they loot cargo, then result in that cargo being deleted.
  • In-Person multicrew now shares out bounties and combat bonds correctly.
  • Updated mission tip-off message coordinates to match Odyssey's planetary terrain.
  • Adjusted Salvage mission to no longer point the Commander at the mission's destination until the necessary cargo has been obtained.
  • Damaged megaships with functional escape hatches will now deploy escape pods automatically when rescue ships are nearby, rather than asking the player to use a hatch-breaker limpet.


  • Fixed Odyssey engineer invitation inbox messages not using the player's selected language.


  • Fixed occasional disconnection issue stemming from leaving in-person multicrew.
  • Fixed issue with players handing themselves in, resulting in a subsequent disconnection.
  • Fixed a softlock in the crew lounge if players were to attempt to hire the same recruit twice.
  • Prevented cases of the camera suite clipping through terrain - Nothing to see here.


  • Updated an imprint tunnel piece where it was possible to walk through a section of rubble and see out of world.
  • Fixed an offset texture on the cargo container schematic.
  • Fixed a piece of terrain protruding through the back wall of hangar 7 at Colonel Bris Dekker's base.
  • Fixed some misaligned geometry at Prospector's Rest.
  • Adjusted the Asp Explorer ship kit due prevent it from receiving incorrect colours when equipped.
  • Adjusted a piece of the Krait Mk II ship kit to prevent a z-fighting/texture flickering problem.
  • Fixed UV mapping on the Federation Corvette rear hardpoint supports so that paint jobs display correctly.
  • Fixed a number of floating assets at military settlements.
  • Rebuilt a small part of the megaship concourse to prevent a z-fighting/texture flickering issue under the stairs leading out of the bar.
  • Fixed the computer screens on some items seen in agricultural settlements so that they are consistent with other computer screens.
  • Fixed the UVs on the Orca winglets (Love this term) as some paint jobs were being flipped when viewed at a distance.
  • Adjusted the collision boundary inside the thargoid sites so that the camera suite can no longer clip inside it.
  • Balancing passes have been made on the forcefield material used in radial planet ports.
  • Fixed the UVs on some Orca ship kit pieces to ensure that they receive the correct colour from any applied paint job.
  • Fixed some UVs on the underside of the Orca to improve paint jobs.
  • Fixed the Camera Suite from being able to pass into/out of the Fleet Carrier social space at certain points.
  • Tweaked some settings for the DiamondBack Scout landing gear, which should give more clearance to the SRV when landed on uneven terrain.
  • Made the Chieftain Pulse Red paint job a little more red.
  • Fixed UVs on the Cobra Mk III ship kit so that paint jobs apply correctly.
  • Fixed UVs on the LODs of the Viper so that paint jobs apply better.
  • Fixed some issues with UVs causing issues with some paint jobs on the Anaconda ship kits.
  • Fixed an aggressive LOD pop on the Empire capital ship's drives.
  • Minor optimisations to the small trucks seen inside starports.
  • Adjusted the decals for the Python so that they fit more snugly onto the hull of the ship.
  • Fixed some benches letting you sit on top of another NPC instead of in the empty seat next to them - Ahhh so it wasn’t a feature!
  • NPCs can no longer be found sleeping on a backless bench near Inter-Astra in some concourses - Honestly, let them rest at this point…
  • Adjusted ship outfitting cameras for the Mamba so they are no longer being blocked in some hangar types.
  • Fixed stretched textures inside of the landing gear well on the DiamondBack Explorer.
  • Fixed the missing fighter bay door on the wrecked Beluga model.
  • Removed a duplicated NPC in a planet port social space.
  • Fixed some occlusion mesh poking through walls of a large underground hangar resulting in large dark visual artefacts.
  • Fixed an issue where a collision problem on the Anaconda which could cause a crash in multiplayer scenarios.


  • Added an optional keybind for the Shutdown Field Neutraliser module.
  • Added a paragraph font display to the naming popup for loadouts, this allows Commanders to see how their loadout name will look with upper and lower case letters before saving it.
  • Missions will now be clearly marked in the galaxy map as failed, where appropriate.
  • Updated the transfer panel to ensure Commanders cannot target something that isn't on-screen.
  • Marker 'legend/key' for selected objects has been added to the right-hand panel to better inform what the markers showcase.
  • It is no longer possible to toggle off a route setting mode in the panel.
  • Connector lines can now be hidden in the display options menu and the game will remember this setting when the galaxy map is reopened.
  • The cargo canister info panel no longer repeats information.
  • Removed hardpoint target sights when using the Camera Suite.
  • Fixed decimal separator in suit and weapon mods selection screen.
  • Players swapping between ships, SRVs and on-foot whilst in a wing will no longer indicate to teammates that their ship or SRV has been destroyed.
  • Fixed module storage notifications from truncating long module names.
  • Fixed bookmark menu text for unexplored planets.
  • A targeted ship's displayed faction is now consistent between the HUD target info and the contacts panel.
  • HUD notifications for megaship departures now display the correct time units.
  • The flight tutorial now shows the correct text for pitch, roll, and yaw inputs.
  • Fixed a missing text string in the inbox message that is sent when failing to deliver cargo for delivery missions.
  • Fixed missing text for an inbox message during Megaship Infiltration missions.


  • Improved hangar lighting.
  • Balancing pass carried out in terms of VFX for all ship cockpits, to improve visual behaviour.
  • Rebalanced Interceptor weapon brightness.
  • Fixed an issue with skimmer particle effects appearing incorrectly.
  • Improvements made to all lightning in Lagrange clouds.
  • Improved the visual quality of the Thargoid arrival.


  • Removed excessive messages from appearing when backing out of the terminal - I get that we’re rooting for new players but give them space.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial ammo crate may sometimes not appear.


  • Joy Senne Audio Logs titles don't overlap anymore.
  • Improved translations shown when exiting the ship in German.
  • Fixed various spelling errors.

Key known Issues:

  • Spanish translation of "Thargoid Controlled" mistranslated to "Thargoids under control".
  • Some missions may offer fewer credits than must be spent to buy the requested commodities.

Update Notes | Elite Dangerous Legacy:

  • Necessary structural changes to ensure the separation of versions was possible.

As always, Commanders, a big o7 from all of us on this side of the Galaxy.

Have a great Update 14 day.

See you in the black.

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