Elite Dangerous Update 14.01

Elite Dangerous Update 14.01

Greetings Commanders.

During the week following Update 14, we would all like to thank you for your thoughts and constructive feedback post release.

In light of feedback, the team have been working on an update to address a number of issues outstanding since Update 14 landed.

To that end:

At approximately 15:00 UTC today, Elite Dangerous Live servers will go offline for 1 hour in order to deploy Update 14.01.

You can find the full list of issues addressed within this update, along with acknowledged known issues below.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when being interdicted by a Thargoid vessel.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to hyperspace jump whilst in multicrew.
  • Fixed a crash caused by opening the galaxy map when no commodity information was available.
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by looking at the navigation panel when in the tutorial.

Economy and Outfitting

  • Advanced AX Missiles and Multicannons are no longer missing from Rescue Megaships.


  • Fixed ports not requiring docking permission when unaffected by the Thargoid invasion.
  • Fixed the "signal lost" effect occurring when using the external camera at maximum range.
  • Ram Tah and Professor Palin will no longer send an inbox message when detecting that Commanders are holding items they aren't interested in Needy or greedy? You decide.


  • Exobiology rank requirements have been adjusted to correctly account for their adjusted balance.
    • Developer note: Your Exobiologist rank progress may appear to be greatly slowed until your next rank is achieved in order to adjust to the new tiers.
  • Commanders will now correctly receive data when being interdicted by Thargoid Scouts.
  • The Orthrus' shield has been rebalanced.
  • The Orthrus' payout has been rebalanced to 30m credits.


  • Fixed corrupted text appearing on Thargoid Invasion panels in the galaxy map when viewed in Russian.
  • Fixed missing text string in a convoy scenario.
  • New Thargoid discoveries will now be stored correctly within the Codex.


  • The large Federation capital ship dock is no longer missing a building.
  • Capital Ship Docks are no longer immune to the effects of the Thargoid Invasion.

Known Issues

o7 Commanders.

See you in the black.



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