Engineering and Pre-built Ships

Engineering and Pre-built Ships

Greetings Commanders,

We wanted to give you a heads up on our plans for Engineering coming later this year and share a first look at two of the Pre-Built Ships that will be hitting the Gamestore in May.


We know Engineering is a very important aspect of the game for our players, and we have been listening to your feedback around this system. As we mentioned in our comms yesterday, one of the things we want to address is how players engage with Engineering in order to make it more approachable and predictable. 

Some of these areas we are investigating are:

  • Reducing the number of materials required for Engineering.
  • Increasing payout of engineering materials from missions.
  • Increasing backpack capacity.

Please note, the above are examples of some of the areas we are investigating, not all the areas we are investigating. Elite Dangerous is a Live Service game and we anticipate that refining Engineering may take several passes. However, we will be listening to your feedback as we go about this process.

We will post a more detailed rundown of our proposed changes in the coming months.

Pre-Built Ships

These ships will offer a great springboard for players, both new and existing, to build from and shape as they see fit. We are excited to see how Commanders will continue to enhance and engineer these ships to suit their own playstyle.

Below are two of the Pre-Built Ships packages that will be coming to the store in May, each Pre-Built Ship will be designed around providing players with a solid start in the career path of their choice:

Type-6 Laser Mining Jumpstart

Elite Dangerous - Type-6 Laser Mining Pre-built Ship
  • Hardpoints
    • 2x 1D Modified Mining Laser (Pre-Engineered Long Range + Incendiary Rounds)
      • This bypasses the need to unlock the LTT 198 permit and subsequent Technology Broker recipe for this module.
  • Utility Mounts
    • Pulse Wave Analyser
    • Chaff Launcher
    • Point Defence
  • Core Internal
    • Lightweight Alloy
    • 3A Power Plant
    • 4B Thrusters
    • 4A Frame Shift Drive
    • 2D Life Support
    • 3A Power Distributor
    • 2D Sensors
    • 4C Fuel Tank
  • Optional Internal
    • 2x 5E Cargo Rack (32 capacity)
    • 2x 4E Cargo Rack (16 capacity)
    • 3C Bi-Weave Shield Generator
    • 2A Refinery
    • 1A Collector Limpet Controller
    • 1A Prospector Limpet Controller

Alliance Chieftain AX Combat Jumpstart

Elite Dangerous - AX Chieftain Pre-built Ship
  • Hardpoints
    • 2x 3C Gimballed Enhanced AX Multi-Cannon
    • Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylon
    • 1E Gimballed Beam Laser
    • 2x Small Guardian Gauss Cannon with Anti-Guardian Resistance
      • This bypasses the need to unlock the Guardian Gauss Cannon from the Guardian Technology Broker, and the subsequent trip to Ram Tah to modify it with the AGZ-Resistance effect.
  • Utility Mounts
    • Heat Sink Launcher
    • Caustic Sink Launcher
    • Enhanced Xeno Scanner
    • Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser
  • Military
    • 4D Module Reinforcement Package
    • 2x 4D Hull Reinforcement Package
  • Core Internal
    • Military Grade Composite
    • 6A Power Plant
    • 6A Thrusters (G5 Dirty + Drag Drive)
    • 5A Frame Shift Drive
    • 5D Life Support
    • 6A Power Distributor
    • 4D Sensors
    • 4C Fuel Tank
  • Optional Internal
    • 6C Bi-Weave Shield Generator
    • 5D Hull Reinforcement Package
    • 4E Cargo Rack (16 capacity)
    • 2A Auto Field-Maintenance Unit
    • 1A Repair Limpet Controller
    • 1E Research Limpet Controller

We look forward to sharing more details with you in the future!




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