Aegis Demands Reinstatement

Aegis Demands Reinstatement

The leaders of Aegis have formally petitioned the Alliance, Empire and Federation to reform the anti-xeno organisation.

Although all three superpowers are in the process of building their own taskforces to replace Aegis, they have been unable to assist against a recent surge of Thargoid incursions.

Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong gave a statement to the press:

“Surviving members of the leadership council have submitted an appeal to reverse the decision to disband Aegis. The essence of our case is that the superpowers are currently distracted by various internal situations, but the Thargoids care nothing for our politics and must be met with a unified show of force.”

“Aegis support ships have recently been repurposed by other crews in several regions, including the Dan, HIP 12314 and Nauni systems. But they could have been operated officially by our trained personnel, if only we were allowed to do our job.”

“In addition to the increasing Thargoid threat, the rediscovery of the Alexandria in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system proves that Azimuth still exists. This sinister group slaughtered four thousand people to obtain Guardian artefacts, and we have logs proving it performed unlicensed xenological research in recent years. Aegis could provide centralised opposition to these criminals as well as defending against alien attack.”

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