Aegis Reports on Utopia’s Sim-Archive

Aegis Reports on Utopia’s Sim-Archive

A scientific delegation from Aegis has visited Utopia to compare its Sim-Archive with Salvation’s Nemesis Failsafe designs.

A summary from Dr Maximo Fonseca was shared with newsfeeds:

“Simguru Antal agreed to meet with us as a sign of good faith, and to refute claims of collaboration with Salvation. He personally introduced us to the neurosmiths of Utopia, who can digitally encode electrochemical activity within the brain. I took part in a demonstration, uploading some of my own long-term memories into the Sim-Archive. Afterwards, my colleague Dr Cooper enjoyed a remarkably accurate simulation of my university graduation thirty years ago, who claimed she found it hard to believe the memory was not her own.”

“Analysis of the Nemesis Failsafe designs that we provided was swift, but the differences were stark. From what we understood of the summary by Utopian researchers, the Nemesis process irreversibly transforms a person’s entire neuronal network into esoteric energy particles. But there was no suggestion how the particle stream might be directed or stored.”

Further scrutiny by Aegis specialists confirmed that the Nemesis Failsafe relies heavily on Guardian technology, much of which remains a mystery. Early indications suggest that Allied, Federal and Imperial leaders agree that Salvation was unlikely to have sought assistance from the Utopia commune.

Simguru Pranav Antal released a rare public statement:

“The Sim-Archive is designed to preserve human thought, not to extract it from living minds. One day, experiencing other people’s stored memories will be as common as searching for information on a database. Utopia’s role is to unite us all by bringing down the barriers between our individual universes.”

“Salvation’s design very much relates to the preservation of one’s self, rather than the storage of information for future generations. Whatever knowledge of Guardian technology he may have possessed is likely lost to us now.”

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