Alien Abduction Evidence Increases

Alien Abduction Evidence Increases

Newsfeeds and ICE-casts have reacted to Aegis’s theory that the Thargoids have purposefully captured tens of millions of living humans.

Eyewitness testimonies provided by independent pilots have given credence to this theory. Citizens’ Chronicle featured the following account from Imperial auxiliary Commander Luca Redondo:

“It was a sickening sight, watching Scythes hunt down survivors. A part of me wanted to start blasting the escape pods rather than let those poor people be eaten, or experimented on, or whatever the hell the Thargoids want them for. There was nothing my squadron could do to save them, not without risking the refugees we were carrying. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping well for a long time.”

Many reporters have interviewed people still waiting to hear from those who once lived in Thargoid-occupied systems. Vox Galactica has published several such stories:

“My ex-husband took our kids to visit his family last November, just before the Maelstroms arrived. Their last message was so happy, telling me their adventures, promising to call me tomorrow. But there was no tomorrow. Just static from the entire system. Every day since then I’ve contacted the refugee centres, repeating their names over and over. It’s my whole life now. There’s nothing else.”

An editorial in The Federal Free Press called for greater pressure to be placed on Aegis and the authorities:

“It’s outrageous that this was kept out of the public domain for so long, with the Thargoids taking prisoners for months. Why was this suppressed by those in power? We owe it to those millions of people to do everything we can to rescue them.”

An alternative viewpoint was outlined by Timothy Culver, a prominent xeno-peace activist, on his ICE-cast channel:

“Humans have been capturing and experimenting on Thargoids since we first encountered them, so we certainly don’t occupy the moral high ground. But I also believe that they are primarily seeking to understand us. I urge everyone to study Commander Rakowski’s recent report, which proves that not every Thargoid vessel sees us as an enemy.”

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