Alliance Urges Restraint Between Superpowers

Alliance Urges Restraint Between Superpowers

Allied and independent leaders have called upon the Empire and the Federation to discourage faction hostilities following conflict in Tavgi.

Political journalist Conrad Sterling summarised the latest developments for Vox Galactica:

“Minor skirmishes between superpower-aligned factions are not uncommon. But the Caine-Massey and Torval Mining Ltd corporations have significant political ties, so their clash has led to bullish rhetoric from members of both Congress and the Senate.”

“Many systems where Federal and Imperial populations coexist are experiencing civil tension and spates of public disturbance. There is a sense that the historic rivalry between two militaristic superpowers is being rekindled, and that similar sparks elsewhere may fan the flames at the worst possible time.”

In the Alliance Assembly, Councillor Nakato Kaine highlighted the potential repercussions:

“Military distractions between the Empire and Federation would place more responsibility on the Alliance for protecting independent systems from Thargoid invasion. As well as a potentially horrific loss of life, that would be a significant drain on already stretched resources. The hawks in each administration should be directing their aggressive tendencies toward the Thargoids, not each other.”

In response, Prime Minister Mahon agreed to send envoys from the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations to both the Empire and the Federation. Dozens of independent systems have supported the Alliance’s formal request to ‘lower the temperature’ and find a peaceful solution.

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