Azimuth Condemns ‘Alien-Loving’ Resistance

Azimuth Condemns ‘Alien-Loving’ Resistance

As its anti-xeno initiative in HIP 22460 continues, Azimuth Biotech has been deliberately targeted by protestors in other systems.

Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, made a public broadcast from the corporation’s headquarters at Hind Mine starport:

“Azimuth Biotech is dedicated to the vision of Salvation, whose expertise will soon quash the Thargoid blight once and for all. The Alliance, Empire and Federation have put aside their differences to turn this ambition into a reality. But a fractious minority are determined to prevent this, giving the Thargoids a window of opportunity to avoid their fate.”

“Almost immediately after our corporate rebrand from Taurus Mining Ventures, Azimuth came under attack. A rabble of buccaneers and political agitators forcibly expelled our assets from the Merope and Qarato systems. Only by extreme and costly means were we able to retain Hind Mine, as the mob rampaged through the once-peaceful T Tauri system.”

“Their appalling acts have not only endangered Azimuth Biotech’s long-term financial growth, but also delayed the manufacture of the Proteus Wave in HIP 22460. Perhaps ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ is made up of deranged Far God cultists, since they seem hell-bent on sabotaging humanity’s greatest defence against the Thargoids.”

“Naturally, Azimuth Biotech has petitioned the relevant authorities to take appropriate action. We are also reaching out to any independent pilots who supported Salvation’s past projects. To these loyal to his cause, I implore you to defend our noble enterprise. Show these alien-loving traitors that they are on the wrong side of history.”

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