‘Azimuth has Survived’ Warns Aegis

‘Azimuth has Survived’ Warns Aegis

Information recovered from the Alexandria has prompted Aegis to insist that it was not responsible for the loss of the megaship’s crew and cargo.

The wreckage of the Alexandria was recently located in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system. There were no survivors, but fragments of the commanding officer’s log were found.

Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong published this statement on behalf of Aegis:

“The logs made by Captain Jacob Morales tell a bleak tale. The Alexandria was deliberately sabotaged to leave it stranded and powerless. They were met by an unidentified group posing as a rescue team, who slaughtered most of the crew and hijacked the Guardian artefacts. The survivors later made a desperate attempt to initiate the hyperdrive, which sadly led to their destruction.”

“We can now prove that the Alexandria’s loss was not caused by negligence, as claimed by the Baumann Report. In reality, the megaship was snared in a trap laid by an organised quasi-military force.”

“Furthermore, Captain Morales discovered that the raiders worked for someone they referred to as ‘the Witch’. That name was mentioned in logs discovered at HIP 22460 regarding Project Seraph – vile experiments perpetrated by Azimuth researchers to install human test pilots into Thargoid vessels.”

“This evidence suggests that Azimuth Biochemicals has survived in some form over the last two hundred years, and remains focused on aggressive xenological research. Aegis must be reinstated immediately to counter this dangerous organisation before more lives are lost.”

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