Azimuth’s Final Call for Guardian Artefacts

Azimuth’s Final Call for Guardian Artefacts

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The campaign to deliver Guardian artefacts to Azimuth Biotech in the HIP 22460 system has reached its third phase.

Commodore Morag Halloran outlined the final stage of the initiative:

“We have received an impressive number of Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns at the Bright Sentinel over the past two weeks. Thanks to this supply, construction of the Proteus Wave has progressed satisfactorily.”

“However, Salvation has requested that further shipments of artefacts are sourced from Guardian sites. There can be no shortfall of these vital components, and the superweapon will make use of every one we can provide.”

“We have projected a substantial increase in the number of Thargoid vessels within HIP 22460, as they react to the increased concentration of technology created by their ancient enemies. AX fighters and squadrons are asked to continue engaging the enemy’s forces to provide safe passage for incoming transports.”

Pilots who previously contributed to this initiative can collect rewards from the Bright Sentinel megaship in HIP 22460, which is continuing to accept new shipments of Guardian artefacts.

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