The Darkest Days

The Darkest Days

Newsfeeds have published their reactions as the Thargoid Maelstroms launch fleets to overpower multiple inhabited systems.

Sol Today: “Be in no doubt: we are in a war for survival! Dark days are upon us. No more ridiculous ideas of peace with the aliens. No more time for politics or debate. The Thargoids have come to wipe us out unless we stand up and fight.”

Old Worlds Gazette: “This is the most severe Thargoid attack ever recorded. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered. Millions more fleeing their homes. Stations and planetary ports bombarded, entire star systems conquered… all in a few days. Many fear that nowhere will be safe if these savage onslaughts cannot be halted.”

Citizens' Chronicle: “The speed with which our navy responded to defend Imperial citizens against the Thargoids must be applauded. However, it is becoming harder to ignore the screams from less fortunate systems. Might their cries melt our Emperor’s heart enough for her to consider extending the Empire’s protective wings?”

The Empirical: “The hazardous nature of the Maelstroms has challenged all efforts at scientific examination. In terms of scale and composition they resemble small nebulae yet are surely artificial. Their highly corrosive clouds share chemical signatures with known Thargoid technology, but prevent all scans from identifying what generates them.”

The Sovereign: “The Kingfisher tragedy has been eclipsed by the current conflicts, but one detail we felt worthy of note was the discovery of Thargoid Sensors among the megaship’s wreckage. The leading theory is that one of the volunteer crewmembers smuggled these aboard, in the hope of attracting the Thargoids’ attention to the megaship’s peaceful communications. This misguided individual was likely unaware that Thargoid vessels can become hostile upon detecting their technology on human ships. One hopes that nothing more sinister was in play.”

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