Disappearance of the Dedicant

Disappearance of the Dedicant

The Dedicant has disappeared from Popontia, just a few hours after thousands of Far God cultists boarded the megaship with a Federal escort.

The cultists were due for transfer aboard the vessel from Federal to Allied space, where amnesty has been offered by Prime Minister Mahon. In exchange for their release, the True Chapters sect agreed to unlock access to its secretive databanks and sacred texts prior to departure. The Dedicant instead initiated a hyperspace jump ahead of schedule, failing to arrive in the Mullag system as planned.

The Federal Navy and the Allied Defence Force both deployed search parties along the route between systems. Their initial reports stated that no signals were detected, and have found no evidence that the Dedicant was intercepted or destroyed. The megaship’s current location and status remain unknown.

Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency issued a press statement:

“We have completely lost contact with the FIA security teams controlling the Dedicant. This is of grave concern, considering there are thousands of Thargoid-worshipping criminals aboard. We are operating under the assumption that the cultists somehow overpowered our people and absconded with the megaship.”

Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading expert on the Order of the Far God, also spoke to the media:

“The True Chapters are undoubtedly more proactive than the Far God orthodoxy, but their nature remains essentially fatalistic. This makes it hard to imagine them taking on armed FIA agents in combat. It seems more likely that a third party was involved, although we cannot discount the possibility that the Dedicant’s original owners found a way to divert its course through hyperspace.”

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