Dredger Clan Freed from Orion University

Dredger Clan Freed from Orion University

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Scriveners Clan dredger has been fully repaired, following twin initiatives in the HIP 43670 system.

A campaign by supporters of the Scriveners Clan delivered emergency power cells, power converters and power transfer buses to the Alliance of HIP 42371 at Oramus Terminal. A spokesperson for the group announced:

“As a result of our efforts, the dredger has received sufficient supplies to effect repairs. Most importantly, the new power systems mean it will shortly be able to bypass Orion University’s override codes and be free to travel the galaxy once more.”

A parallel campaign by Orion University’s partner Independent HIP 43670 Labour requested deliveries of anomalous bulk scan data, unusual encrypted files and unidentified scan archives to Shaara Gateway in HIP 43670. However, these were not sufficient to convince the nomadic tribe to agree to its offer of sharing future discoveries.

Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew expressed his regret, but confirmed that Orion University will honour the outcome and withdraw its claim over the dredger.

Contributors to both initiatives can now collect their rewards from Shaara Gateway or Oramus Terminal in the HIP 43670 system.

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